Mar 14, 2009

Thus, I have begun my blogging life once again...

I'm not sure yet what I want to do with this blog, but I do want to update it regularly.

I think I'll keep this entirely disconnected from everyone I know in person, at least for now. Who knows, it might change later on. For now though, this is for me and whoever happens upon this page.

A little about me? My favorite juice is Ocean Spray white cranberry-strawberry. It is absolutely delicious. I also really love Converse shoes. I still have my very first pair (they still fit, I still wear them). I'm a pack rat. I'm greatly looking forward to my senior year of high school (which is next year). I love music, but really, who doesn't? I just went to a nearby record store for the first time... I haven't been in a record store since the Tower Records near my home closed down. Purchased a Van Morrison album for my boyfriend for our upcoming anniversary. Hopefully he will like it.

I'm sure there are million things I could write here right now... but I don't really want to. Right now I want to figure out everything I possibly can about blogspot, since I've never used it before. I'm wondering if it works like livejournal. Hopefully I'll have more to write later.