May 24, 2010

Mirthful Monday #8

Today, I had a sub in French class. My teacher is currently in France. She's missing my last two days of high school, but she'll be back for graduation. Anyway, during French, we were supposed to be working on computers on this thing we use called TellMeMore. It's this really stupid website where you do little games and exercises in order to "learn" more of another language. The problem is that it doesn't really work. On top of that, it wouldn't matter if I did anything in class or not, since my grades are already pretty much sealed. Instead of doing TellMeMore (it's like the Mavis Beacon of foreign language), I decided to surf the interwebs.

That little diddy led us to what I find mirthful today... Number 1, not doing what you're supposed to be doing in class. Nuber 2,

That's right. For some reason, even though my school blocks almost every single fun website, it doesn't block MLIA or FML or any of those other sites. I, personally, like MLIA the best, but some of the others are funny, too.

My Life Is Average is basically where people post short descriptions of "average" things that happen in their daily lives. Most of the time, things are just plain silly, and that's what I love about them.

Here's to hoping that MLIA and similar sites can help make your Monday a little better.