Nov 25, 2009

I've been lazy with blogging lately. I haven't really been reading that often and I haven't been posting much. I guess I've just been busy and haven't had much to post about anyway. Bleh.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Huzzah! I'm going out for Irish food tonight as a pre-Thanksgiving feast with the fam. Not entirely sure why, haha. Oh well. It'll be fun and yummy. :)

Last night, I slept over at my friend Lauryn's and our friend Bryan came with his gf Cori and her friend Julia, and Maggie came, and I brought The Boyfriend, so it was just a party. We baked things and ate pizza. :) The best part was that Cori and Julia slept over, which is a first. We are becoming friends! I am a happy camper. They are both soooooo awesome. Too bad Maggie couldn't stay the night. :( Oh wells, next time fo sho.

Meh, not much else to post about. Sims 3: World Adventures is awesome. That's about it.

Nov 20, 2009 is down. WTF? Why are you undergoing "routine maintenance" at 6:50 on a Friday night?!?!? Stupid.

I moved to a different desk (my old one was in the corner and it is now torn down and this one is where my mom's desktop used to be but she doesn't use it anymore so here I am, with my computer in this big hutch against the wall). I really don't like it. I really don't want to have my computer at this position. It displeases me. I just want to go back to being in the corner. (What a freak.)

More later... maybe.

Nov 14, 2009

Hello hello hello.

I went to the mall all by myself yesterday! It was very exciting. I managed to blow almost the entirety of my first paycheck (which, admittedly, was not a huge sum of money, but still...), however at least 1/2 of it was on stuff I actually needed. And the other half was bargain shopping, so I don't feel bad about any of it. :) I also pre-ordered The Sims 3: World Adventures which I will hopefully be able to pick up from the store on Tuesday (since I believe that's the day it comes out).

I'm thinking of driving up to The Boyfriend's dad's house today, if he wants me to. His dad has to work from 12 to 5 so he is just stuck at the house doing nothing (as far as I know). Since it won't be rush-hour, I think it's only like a 35 minute drive. Normally I wouldn't do this, I'd just wait 'til Sunday to see him, but I haven't seen him since I think Tuesday so... yeah. We shall see if that works out.

Did I mention my new markers? They are all pretty and fancy and I loooove them. :) There are 18 of them and they are called "art markers" and they have 2 different tips and I loooove them. I think they're like cheap Prismacolors, if you know what those are. Not quite as fancy. I needed some for a special poster that I was making (more about that later!) and they were on sale and everything! YAAAAAY, MARKERS!

Not much else to say... Oh, I ran out of parts for the assembly job I do at home so I haven't been able to work the past few nights. JUST IN CASE YOU WANTED TO KNOW THAT.

Alright, I'm out.

Nov 11, 2009

I have to write a Hemingway-esque vignette. Thus, I do not have time to post right now.


Oh, I get paid on Friday, and I have 13 hours in which will make for a total of like $104 so my dad said with taxes taken out, I should get at least $75-80!!! WOO! PARTY TIME! :D What do you think I should purchase first? (It will probably end up being coffee from Starbucks, haha.)

Nov 10, 2009

So... this girl and I talked. Turns out she just reeeeally like The Boyfriend and he had "liked" her sort of but decided that he didn't. She claims that he treated her like crap, which, ok, maybe he used her a little but she seemed quite willing to do whatever... anyway, I'm pretty sure what happened was that she got in over her head and The Boyfriend did not have the tact to let her down easy.

She's actually a really cool girl. We talked for a while and I think I made her feel better about stuff. I was a little mad that The Boyfriend left out the stuff about how much she liked him, and about her crying on the phone with him, but it wasn't a big deal. I think everything will be A-OK now. :D

In other news, I have a mysterious texting friend. More on that later, 'cause it's just too weird to explain as of yet.

I lost my phone today at school sometime between lunch and the class after lunch, but I found it at the end of the day. Someone had dropped it off at the front office. Yay! :D

Life is good.

Nov 9, 2009

So... while The Boyfriend and I were on a break, he had a ladyfriend and I had a fella and some things happened and other things did not happen.

Well, the ladyfriend just facebook messaged me... and I responded... and my brains are 'sploded now because... wtf was that?

More on this later, I must get ready for/go to school!

EDIT: Ok, so it is now "later." The message was this:

"hey, girl. if there's anything that you want to know about [The Boy] and the break, feel free to give me a call at ********** or you can message me on facebook. i want to make sure that he isn't keeping anything from you regarding the relationship we had."

So... it was completely civil, and yet I couldn't help thinking that there was something behind it. I responded, but it was in the morning, and I couldn't wait around so I texted her just to say "Oh, well since you gave me your number, here is mine" and we've been texting back and forth for most of the day. It's been friendly and such... just... so strange. I'm just going to be nice to her and see what she says, or if she tries to pull anything.

I don't feel like elaborating on this now, but let me just throw this out there:
"I'm Alex. Alexander James."
and also this:
"I ain't interested in no mommys."

Nov 5, 2009

So I was just thinking... I've had a lot of really great encounters with people who I admire and consider to be heroes/role models of sorts. I figured I would compile a list because it makes me happy to think about these things, and it also is helping me to realize how lucky I am to have lived all of these moments. I will try and put these into chronological order because that is the easiest.

August 12, 2006 (I actually remember the date for this one!): I went to Opryland in Tennessee, where one Alton Brown was doing a show type thing. He stood up on a big stage and talked to everyone and cooked a turkey... deep-fried a turkey (showing us how to do it in a safe, yet REALLY COOL way, of course). It was pretty soon after his birthday (thank you, internet), so I'd decided to make him a card before I went... at the end, he had people come up to the mic near the stage for questions, so I went up and gave him the card. He thought it was awesome... Later, my mom and I went to a meet & greet reception which included food (AB recipes, of course!) and... well, meeting and greeting. We stood in line, and the closer we got, the more I could feel my heart pounding. I should probably mention that Alton Brown is my absolute HERO. Anyway, we waited in line and finally we got to the front, and he was saying goodbye to the people in front of us, and then it was our turn, so he asked us our names and we talked. I remember he asked about my shirt, which said, "Babette ate oatmeal."
AB: What's that?
Me: It's from Gilmore Girls... it's this show on tv, I dunno if you know it...
AB: I do live on this planet, you know.
OK So I realize that typed out, that doesn't sound very nice of him to say, but it was in a way that was joking and actually very nice. It was amazing because I was standing there, JOKING with my hero, Alton Brown. Anyway, he picked up my mom's camera (I think she'd set it down on a nearby podium) and he was like "Is this yours?" and she said yes, so he took a couple of pictures of himself on it (which was strange... I think he didn't know how to use it, which is why it was more than one...) and then we got a picture with him and the we said goodbye. As soon as we got out of line, I just started crying... Not sobbing or anything, and definitely not sad... I think the shock had just hit me that I'd just met my hero, a person who I found to be excellent and awesome and someone to really want to listen to... So yeah, that was one of my greatest life moments.

April 2007: As you may know, I really love this band called The Academy Is... (the ... is part of their name). In April of 2007, they put out their second album (which was, admittedly, not as good as their first or third, however I did not know that until after this next thing happened). So there was a meet & greet with the band at Best Buy if you bought the CD. Well, I bought the CD and stood in line with my dad (who was amazingly patient and wonderful, especially since that specific BB was like 45 minutes from where we live). Anyway, we waited for a really long time, and then I got up there, and the first one at the table was Adam T. Siska (the bassist) and... all I remember were his gorgeous eyes and adorable smile and how sweet he was, asking me how I was and such. He genuinely seemed amazed/ecstatic to see all the fans. The whole band was like that (ok, maybe minus Bill...), but Sisky was the most. I felt bad for not knowing who Chizz was (he was new, at least to me!) but I still said hi and got my CD signed by him and the rest of them. So yes, another fantastic moment.

January 8th, 2008 (aka my 15th birthday): After school that day, I stared at my cell phone, which my friends had demanded I leave on all day. As I started to get into my mom's car, it rang. I didn't recognize the number, but my heart started pounding. I picked up the phone and said hello. The person, the guy, on the other line said hello to me too. I asked who it was, and he, without answering, asked who I was. I told him "I'm Norah, who is this?" and he said something like, "Well Norah, we heard that it was your birthday today, and we also heard that you are a fan of this band called LENNY." And then my heart really started racing and I got out of the car (which my mom, magically, had kept parked) and just said "uh-huh" and they said "Well this is JD and Jason, and we're from LENNY, and we're down in Georgia with this other band called Cartel (who I also love, but they weren't there right then) working on music, so sorry that this call was so late... we weren't sure about the timezones." At this point, I couldn't really talk so much as say things like "oh" and "yes" and "uh-huh" and such. Well, they asked if they could sing me happy birthday, and of course I said yes, and so they did. And I said thank you, and they told me thank you for being a fan, and they said they were happy to make my birthday special and we ended up talking for like 10-15 minutes altogether... and it was just amazing. After I got off the phone, I went SCREAMING back into the school to my friends (who were still there, since we weren't of driving age, yet) and freaked out with them. It was AWESOME.

November 14, 2008: I had just started using Twitter, and had posted something about how nerdy I was to only be using Twitter to follow webcomic artists, for the most part. The next day, I saw that I had a new message. It read, "perhaps nerdy, but most appreciated! (by us nerds anyway) welcome to my twitters :)" and it was from none other than Jeff Zugale. If you don't know, he is the artist behind the comic Just a Bit Off, which I enjoy quite a bit. Even though this was a little tiny message (Twitter is built on that sory of thing, you know), I was still super excited and hyper. It's nice to get a little recognition from someone of whom you call yourself a fan. :)

I know there are more examples of this, but I'm getting sleepy so I won't write about them today... But yeah, this really just cheered me up a lot, thinking about these awesome memories and really how great the people around me are to have made these moments possible (even that last one... if it hadn't been for The Boyfriend, I would never have read that comic, probably). So maybe you should take some time to remember some awesome times like this, ya? It's pretty sweet.

Nov 4, 2009

Copied from Rayyy

A survey-type thing

A - Age: 16
B - Bed size: twin
C - Chore you hate: putting dishes into the dishwasher. (taking them out is fine.)
D - Don’t eat: veal, turtle
E - Essential start your day item: chapstick
F - Favourite board game: Scattergories or Apples to Apples
G - Gold or Silver: silver
H - Height: 5'6"
I - Instruments you play(ed): played cello, tried guitar (did not work)
J - Job title: umm... I don't know, "odd job doer?" haha.
K - Kid(s): none... haha.
L - Living arrangements: with mom and dad.
M - Mom’s name: Diana
N - Nicknames: Nor, Noober, Pillow, Frankie, weirdo, No-legs... there are others...
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: none
P - Pet Peeve: when people like say like "like" between like every single like word... like...
Q - Famous Movie Quote: "That was my favorite arm..."
R - Right or left handed: righty tighty
S - Sibling(s): 3 older sisters (Rachel, you are my opposite!)
T - Time you wake up: 6:30ish... 7 if I'm feeling lazy.
U - Underwear: currently? *checks* black. sooo boring.
V - Vegetable favorite: cauliflower!
W - Ways you run late: The Boyfriend got to my house late... that's usually what happens.
X - X-rays you’ve had: left arm, back/neck, teeth
Y - Yummy food you make: quesadillas!
Z - Zoo favorite: POLAR BEARS! :D

Nov 3, 2009

EDIT: New post up in the "Art Blog." It's a STORY! :D


I was a girl form of Frankenstein's monster, or a bride of Frankenstein, or a goth zombie, or some form of combination. I was undead. My outfit was freakishly awesome, but right now I have no pictures so I cannot show you how awesome it was.

Anyway, I went to this farm/fair type place with a bunch of my pals for a little bit but it was just TOO COLD to stay there. We went back to my house and planned while waiting for a few others to arrive and to give the few who were dead-set on Trick or Treating a chance to go get some free candy. At this point, The Boyfriend and I were back together but hadn't told anyone because we wanted to surprise them when we were all together... so yes, more on that later. Once everyone was together (minus one couple who met up with us waaay later), we decided to go glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing at the mall. We made it through something like 20 holes out of the 54 before giving up and skipping to the last. I won a free game! Yay!

After that, we all went to Chili's (still in costume) for dinner, where our last 2 pals finally met up with us. We got our food and the 3 of us who had gone to elementary school together realized that our 2nd grade teacher was sitting at the table next to us, but I guess she didn't recognize us. Oh well. Anyway, we were all eating dinner and having fun, when The Boyfriend turned to me and asked "Should we do it now?" and I nodded, and while about 1/2 the table was looking, he pulled me over to him and kissed me in front of everyone. The people who'd seen it were gaping and then whispered it to the people who had missed it, who all gave a collective groan of disappointment. The girls then got up and asked if I needed to go to the bathroom, which of course "I did" and so we all went and I told them the story.

They were enthused, and I was enthused, and we all jumped around and screamed in the bathroom for a moment before going back to our table.

When we got back, it was time to pay the bill and leave. We all went back to my house and watched 28 Days Later (which was awful and made me want to barf because of the cinematography) and then everyone went home. Another successful Halloween.

So yes, there was my Halloween, lots of fun and such.

As an aside, apparently my friend Kyle (the one I went on that date with... the one who I now find REALLY annoying) apparently was disturbed by the fact that The Boyfriend and I got back together and made it known to the two friends who he drove with on the way back to my house from Chili's. He decided it was a good idea to pass judgment on my relationship in front of a really close friend of mine, who of course told me about it today when I saw her. I made it known to him that he should not say things like that in front of the girls because we will all end up knowing... it really was a lesson he needed to learn, so eh... We'll see how things go tomorrow... I'm pondering not talking to him, but who knows. I haven't decided how big a deal it should be yet, haha. Probably not too big.

Anywho, that's my story.

Nov 2, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of my 5-day weekend! Sad! :P

However things are going quite well. My dad brought home a job for me (basically I have to act as a hole-punch to these rubber things... that's the best way I can explain it) which is going to pay money! He said that he talked to his boss and they are maybe going to put me on the payroll and then I'll just do whatever odd jobs my dad can take home and then maybe also sometimes come in after school or on weekends to do other odd jobs. I am actually quite excited because that means I'm kinda sorta employed! :D And I've already done a little bit of work! My dad said there are about 20 boxes of these rubber things, and tonight I did one, and I'm going to make $4 a box! So $80 bucks! It basically equates to minimum wage, which is totally fine by me. I am just excited to be doing a somewhat legit job.

In other news, The Boyfriend (yay to be calling him that again!) is now an employee of GameStop! Which means DISCOUNTS! haha. My friends are already asking him to buy books for them, since he gets a 30% discount from Barnes&Noble! (Isn't that sweet? GameStop and B&N and a few other places are owned by the same company so he gets sweet discounts at all of them!) He also gets to borrow games from the store for 4 nights at a time, so he said he probably has to rent some ps3 games (he doesn't have a ps3, but I do) for "research for work" and all. Teeheehee, I am beyond excited! So basically, life is REALLY GOOD right now.

I got my haircut today and got a library card! (Ok, really I renewed mine that expired 5 years ago, but they gave me a new one so... yeah...) This is, I think, the THIRD time I've gotten my hair cut shorter on the right side than the left... all at different places, too... so I think there just has to be something wrong with my head, shoulders, neck, or something along those lines... haha. I should probably fix it. Oh well.

Not much else to post about. I'd write about Halloween but I'm feeling too lazy, haha. So yes. Bye!