May 8, 2010

Self Centered Saturday #6

This is gonna be a short one. I'm totally exhausted. Prom was yesterday and I was up til 4am because of that. We went laser tagging and to Denny's after, haha. Super fun. I came in 2nd out of the 8 of us in laser tagging!! :D Pretty cool, not gonna lie.

I spent the day with The Boyfriend today. We went shopping and hung out at his house. Good times. Tomorrow is Mother's Day, which is partially what we shopped for, and I'm hoping his mom likes her present. I know my mommy will like hers. My dad and I are making her breakfast and then I'm giving her this thing I made for her in ceramics and then my dad said his present is just gonna be moolah for me to take her shopping if that's what she wants to do with it, or whatever else, I suppose. Should be fun. :)

"It's the middle of the day and they're both practically naked. She's bangin' him."
-Law and Order, SVU

I'm watching SVU and I thought that was a funny sounding quote.

Alright, I'm done. Have a good one, kids.