Mar 17, 2009

Am I going to post here EVERY DAY?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To be entirely honest, my life is going really well right now. Whether this is a long term thing or a two day thing, I'm not sure, but I'm enjoying it either way. Two whole days of sunshine and happiness have gone by. I must say that it's been quite excellent.

I'm currently listening to "Music from Degrassi: The Next Generation." I'm not sure if there are multiple Degrassi albums (for every season?) but I'm listening to the one from 2008. I know, Degrassi got lame after (nvm... insert spoiler here from a few seasons ago), and yes some people just find that show to be lame in general, but it was fun to watch. Oh Canadian teenagers, how I envy you and your exciting, dramatic lives. This album is a compilation of quite a few artists that I am fond of as well as some crap that I don't like and a few that I don't know. I'm not sure why I'm writing this here... but anyway, that's that.

I'm reading The Princess Bride right now. It's definitely become one of my favorite books even though I'm only 250 pages in (I think that's around halfway). The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time, so it just makes sense that I'd like the book, right? Well... I guess that logic is flawed since book movies tend to stray from their books, but still, that was my logic in choosing to read it. I'm thinking of putting off the last 200 or so pages for about 2 weeks so that I can use it for my independent reading project coming up in English, but... well it's not like she'll care if I read the book that week or three weeks ago, right? RIGHT. :D

You probably don't care about any of this, do you? What do blog readers like to read? Do I need a theme? Should I just keep writing whatever I'm thinking at the time? Should I refrain from posting poems? Hum. So many questions. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Just kidding. I feel like I don't use exclamation points enough. It's quite sad. Maybe I should use them more often. Let's try it! Ohh, that looks nice! I'm really liking this! (Okay, it's getting a little annoying now, right?)

This post is officially declared LONG ENOUGH! GOODBYE!

Hugs and more hugs,

p.s. hello there!