Mar 21, 2009

I can't explain to you how much I love Chuck Taylors. (Taylor's? I guess they are a product of Chuck Taylor, so they would be his, but they are also plural, right? But Taylors' isn't right... I think Chuck Taylors is the best option... tell me if you disagree.)

Eventually, I'll take/find a picture of my favorites. Also, I'll be sure to finish painting my knee-highs and post a picture here. Maybe this will become a shoe blog... I hope not.
Hello, world.

Last night, my best friend in the world came over to my house. We went to Target (to pick up her paycheck), then to the back (to cash her paycheck), then to Chipotle (to eat yummy yummy yummy delicious foodstuffs) and then to GameStop (to look at the games, of course)! It was wonderful. :D We drove back to my house and basically spent the night playing Wii games and just being stupid. Video games and stupidity are definitely common factors in our hangouts. She slept over and then we spent the morning playing Wii and I invented (at the suggestion of my bestie) a pizza bagel! Well... I probably didn't actually invent it but I made up how to make it all by myself. haha.

So now she is gone and I am about to start... well, continue... cleaning my room. Oh joy. Most of my laundry is washed, minus I think 1 more load? So basically I just need to make my bed and do some overall tidying. (Yep, I'm your typical teenager - I love food and video games and my room is a mess.) I don't think it'll take too long to clean up. Most of the time spent will be folding my baskets upon baskets of laundry. (Of course this all just makes me want to go shopping... what a girl...)

ANYWAY, happy spring!! It's officially here and I couldn't be happier.

Also, today is March 21st. That may not be a significant day to you, but it is to me, and here's why:
On March 21st, 2008, there was a girl who was invited to go to a local venue to see her friend's band play a show. She decided to go, even though only two of her old old friends were going. The girl was basically ignored for the first half hour or so, and nearly left early, when a young man walked up to her and asked (ever so eloquently), "Who are you here to see?" Well, the girl was confused. She didn't know that young man at all and wondered why he was talking to her. She decided just to talk to him anyway, and they ended up becoming fast friends. By the end of the night, the girl and the young man had exchanged phone numbers and were sitting on a couch with his arm around her shoulders. They hugged goodbye and from that instant, the girl knew that she really liked the young man. (Yep, that quick!) A year later, those two crazy kids are happily in a relationship with one another (he didn't ask her out until the 26th, though).

I'll give you an interwebs cookie if you can guess who that story is about. :)

Anyway, you're probably bored, and I need to get cleaning, so ta ta for now!

Always here if you want to talk,

p.s. Here's a picture!