Mar 30, 2009

Kill me now...

College search = death.

Potential colleges (in state, that is):

Northeastern Illinois University
Southern Illinois - Carbondale
University of Illinois at Chicago (also Urbana, but Chicago moreso)
University of Chicago

There are more I think but right now my brain is college-filled mush.

I think I'm going to cry.

I just found a show in Chicago that I would love to go to. The Academy Is... is playing with Empires, two bands that I really like. (Tomrad who is in Empires used to be in TAI, so I'm kind of confused as to what is going on there. Apparently he got kicked out and it was bad.)

On the same tour, This Providence will be playing some shows with them. Not the Chicago show. That was what initially made me sad. Still, TAI and Empires together in one show would be da bomb. I looked it up and even though it's at a bar, it's an all ages show. How much better can it get, right?

Well I attempted to find tickets, but it kept giving me an error message. I didn't understand what it was, so I looked up the show on google. It took me to Empires's myspace page, which said this:
All Illinois and Ohio shows are sold out.



Guess I need to find another show to go to. (My mom promised me tickets to a show of my choice for my birthday, which was in January. I couldn't find any scheduled back then, so I'm looking now.)

Perhaps Hot Hot Heat's got something.

EDIT: No luck on the Hot Hot Heat shows, and here's another bit of sad news.
I found a show that is comprised of Taking Back Sunday (meh, they're okay), Anberlin (who I love) and Envy on the Coast (who I also love). Sounds perfect, right? Too bad it's in VIRGINIA! :[ dammit.

Mar 29, 2009

I know I said I'd write about The Godfather, but I don't want to right now. Maybe tomorrow or sometime this week.

I spent my day playing Sims. Holy shit, what a loser, right? Haha. What's worse is that I made an entire household of Questionable Content characters. I know they're not perfect and they're kinda hard to see, but you get the general idea. I might take better pictures (or actual screenshots instead of the default pictures) at some point in life and post them later, if I get that bored. Also, it should be noted that I ended up moving Sven and Raven out of their families so that I could move the guys and girls into one household.

Left to right: Wil, Marten, Steve, Sven, Angus

Left to right: Raven, Penelope, Dora, Faye, Hannelore

If this is some kind of copyright infringement, I'm really really sorry and I'll take these down asap. lol. I don't really think I'm gonna get in trouble for this, though.

I don't have a good word verification word today. I think I may take that bit from my blog and make it into a once a week or every other day thing, because sometimes I just don't see good ones. Sorry if that's the only part you like.

I'm bored now.

A swift kick in the head, ninja style,

p.s. I don't know what to write in my essay about why I want to go to France with my school. I mean, I know I'm pretty much guaranteed in, since I will be a senior next year AND I'll be in advanced French, but still. I don't want to accidently screw it up. This trip has been a big deal to me ever since my freshman year.

p.p.s. Want to know something strange? When I was watching The Godfather yesterday, there were some parts spoken in Italian. Some of them were subtitled, others were not. I managed to understand about 50% of what they were saying in the non-subtitled parts because of the French that I know. Evidently, two people can communicate somewhat decently if one speaks Italian and the other French.

Mar 28, 2009

Anniversary: part two!

At 1pm today, I went to teh boyfriend's house and brought with "comfy stuff" per his instructions. (Comfy stuff I took to mean pajamas, a pillow, a blanket, and the stuffed kitty he gave me for our six months.) When I got there, he had set up a table with candles on it, his iPod playing Frank Sinatra music, and a couple plates of salad. There were also two wine glasses and some sparkling grape juice (yummy!) for us. There was also a vase with four carnations in it. They were three orange and one white. (Orange is my favorite color!) He is a sweetheart, I tell ya.

So we ate salad (with Italian dressing) and then he brought us some ravioli and stuffed shells and we each had one giant meatball (lol, they were hugenormous) and that was yummy even though I could only eat like half of my plate. I have a small stomach, evidently.

And then after that, he made me close my eyes, only to open them in order to see...


You see, we'd been planning on having a Godfather marathon for some time now, but never got around to it. Now the Italian food makes sense, eh? Haha. Anywho, we made it through the first one and I decided that one was enough for a day. Not that I didn't like it... the Godfather is a sweetaction movie, but it's so long and the plot and characters are so intense that my brain couldn't handle another one in a day. Let alone two more. So we're postponing watching the other ones until another time. After that, we had desert- French silk pie! (Apparently, teh boyfriend had accidentally taken the gun and left the canoli... whoops.) It was om nommy.

After that yummyness, we decided that no anniversary of ours would be complete without VIDEO GAMES! We played a good chunk through Halo (the first one!) on Co-Op until it was almost time for him to take me home. We snuggled a little (shutup, haha) and then he took me home. Overall, it was a perfect day.

I guess tomorrow I might post about The Godfather or something along those lines. Have I mentioned that this week is my spring break? Hoorah!

And I know you've been looking forward to this:
Today's word: eugis

John: How do I get to the gas station?
Billy Bob: Eugis take a left at the big tire and you're there.

Wishes for your own happy anniversaries,

p.s. One time, I was at a McDonalds in southern Illinois and I overheard that same conversation that I gave you in the word verification word of the day thing. Hello, rednecks. (Yep, I'm allowed to make redneck jokes. My dad's whole family is made up of them.) Ever been in a funny situation like that?

Mar 27, 2009

Anniversary? What?

Yesterday was my boyfriend's and my anniversary. A whole year of us being us. It seems kind of crazy, actually. Most high school relationships last, what, a month? A few months? A year just seems like such a long time. (Not that I'm complaining! It's been a wonderful year!)

In celebration, we went bowling with two of his friends where we had one of our first dates. To most people, this seems really stupid and not at all romantic, but for me it was perfect. That's just how we are. We do things that are fun in order to celebrate happy times. Apparently teh boyfriend has something planned for tomorrow as well, but he won't tell me what. He knows it drives me CRAZY when he tells me about a surprise but then won't tell me what it is. I'd rather just not know there is a surprise so that I don't have to wait and wonder about it. Oh well, only a day more of thinking about it.

I don't want to bore you with the mushy details of our relationship, but I will say a few things. I know it sounds stupid, but I am 99% convinced that he is the person I want to be with forever/the remainder of my life. I understand that we're young and kind of crazy, but things like us just don't happen every day. I don't want to miss out on something amazing just because it happened to me a little earlier than most people. I am, without a doubt, completely in love with him. And with that, I am done being a sap.

Last night, as I was getting ready to leave his house (we had gone back after bowling to chill and so I could get my backpack, etc.), teh boyfriend's mom came and was saying bye. We were making the usual chit chat (I love her, by the way. She is AWESOME.) and then we started talking about college. She's from Michigan, and she had taken teh boyfriend to Kalamazoo college this week for a visit. She said something about how nice it was there, and then she said this:
"If you guys go there together, you'd be right near most of my family."

I'd just like to highlight two things here.
1) Together? Maybe she realizes how serious he and I really are. And she likes it? I know she likes me, so I guess this makes sense.
2) Near her family? Meaning... near our family? (Teh boyfriend and I have talked on multiple occasions about getting married... I wonder if she's heard us or just figured it out.)

So... that just kinda threw me for one. Teh boyfriend's mommy is no dummy. She knows what's up. (lol) She's just so adorable. :)

I guess this has been a really boring, rambley post for anyone reading this, ya? Sorry about that. I need to work on shortening my posts. Then again, it is my blog, right? So essentially I could write 5 pages every time and it wouldn't really matter. Anywho, enough is enough. I'm officially on spring break! Yay! :D


Hans: Geez, our that river is so polluted. It's disgusting.
Franz: Yeah, it's a real rewer.

Off to plan a girls night,

p.s. What is everyone doing for spring break?/What did you do for spring break? I'm staying home, but hopefully I get to hang out with my girlfriends some. They're fun, yaknow. We watch movies.

p.p.s. Speaking of movies, you should check this one out.

Mar 25, 2009

It loved to happen.

I took this picture on my 14th birthday (which was January 8th, 2006, in case you wanted to know. I was a wittle freshman! haha). At the time, I had no idea what the phrase meant. I just knew that I liked it. I liked that someone had taken the time to etch these words into the sidewalk that I was now walking on, there for everyone to see. I liked that it wasn't placed anywhere big or significant, just something you'd notice if you glanced down at a particular moment. I liked that I saw it when I was with two of my best friends in the world.

I looked up the phrase today. It's attributed to someone named Marcus Aurelius. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and I guess he was one of the "Five Good Emperors" of Rome. I'm not sure where/when he said (or wrote) the phrase.

No one seems to have a definitive answer as to what "it loved to happen" means, however it seems like it means "it was inevitable." But... there's something deeper behind it. Whatever it is that happened... it REALLY happened. It happened with so much effort, and it loved happening. This thing was not preventable. I guess we could say this about a lot of things in life, good and bad. It could be applied to something sad or unpleasant, like wars that had no other way out. But I like to use it in the positive way. It just works better in my mind.

For example, my best friend in the world is awesome. She is funny, smart, creative, and just overall a great person to be around. And I just so happen to live across the street from her. I met her when I was two years old, right after I moved in. Our meeting didn't just happen, it loved to happen. I believe 100% that there is no possible way I wouldn't have met her, because I know there is a reason she's in my life. No one could have been a better best friend for me.

So I wonder if anyone else has their own take on this, or if they've got their own situations that loved to happen. I'd love to know.

One last thing...

Jenny: Oh I love your dress, but what kind of material is it made of?
Laura: It's dectefea, a hybrid between lace and silk. It's all the rage in the fashion world, these days.

(Yeah, that one was kinda lame.)

Hoping that something in your life has loved to happen,

p.s. Do you have keychains on your keys? And if so, which is your favorite? Mine is between my story of Chuck Taylor and my little wooden guy wearing a hat.

Mar 24, 2009

Ok ok again with the multiple posts in a day but I promise this will be short.

I had to write a huge paper for English this year (not huge size-wise so much as grade wise... it was only 1800 word minimum, so about 5-7 pages, but if you don't get at least a C then you get summer school and get put into a special English class next year, etc.) Well, the papers were turned in on the 3rd. We got them back with COMMENTS on Friday, but not our actual grades because our teacher wanted us to do a "self assessment" about how we thought we did before we were given our actual scores. I gave myself "some kind of B" because I thought my paper fell into the B category.

In reality, I got a 96% !!! :D I am flipping out right now. It's 11pm and I just went yelling across the house to tell my mom. I'm not trying to brag... I'm just so insanely HAPPY right now. I honestly thought it was just a mediocre paper. I feel like I'm gonna pass out or something, this is NUTS.

Sorry, you probably don't care about this but I don't know where else to say it. I just want to express my excitement.

(This post turned out a bit longer than expected... sorry about that.)

With happy happy thoughts,

p.s. Maybe my teacher is not such a Litzar after all.
Edit: Here's the rest of this entry.

Hello, world! Today, I went to school. Exciting, I know.

Skip to the bottom from here if you don't want to know about me getting shot. I'll put the whole story in black, so just skip the black part if you want the quick and dirty version of this post.

Anyway, after school, my long-awaited "being shot" actually happened. You see, it all started about two weeks ago. I was walking down a stairca
se to get to my biology class on time, when the photo teacher at my school (I took photo last year and he is really cool so we are palsies) said, "Hey, Norah, I want to shoot you sometime!" and I said "Oh...okay." And continued on to biology. During the two weeks that followed, he and I talked a little bit about when I was going to be shot. We finally nailed down a date and time - right after school, today. I went to his lab after school with a couple of my friends (I was a little nervous since I had no flippin' clue what was going on) and he had us come into the basement of the Fine Arts Center with him.
NOTE: To all you folks out there who don't know what my school is like (which I would assume to be the majority or all of you), this request was NOT creepy in any way. You see, the upstairs of the FAC at my school is an auditorium, while the downstairs is art classrooms. It's not just some funky basement.

So we went down and my teacher had me stand in front of a red backdrop while he fixed the lighting. The camera was a couple of feet away from my face (at most) and he told me he was trying to get my eye color perfectly. EYE COLOR! So that's what it was. You see, when people first meet me, a lot of the time they'll say something about how cool my eyes are. I'm not trying to brag, that's just how it is. I guess the color is pretty unique (it's a mixture of blue, green, and gray with little flecks of gold, depending on what l

ight you see it in) and the shape sorta makes them pop a little more (I've actually convinced people that I am one sixth Japanese because of the shape of my eyes... no joke. I am not at all Asian that I know of.) So he took a bunch of shots of my eyes (well really my face but the depth of field was so short that only the front of my face was actually in focus) with the red, and then with white, blue, and orange backdrops. It took all of about 40 minutes and then we were done. He showed me a couple of the shots and I think they're gonna turn out really sweet.

After we were done, he asked if we could possibly shoot once a week for a little bit. There was another guy there who my teacher shot too, but I think it was for his shirt because it was turquoise and his eyes are pretty blue. So I didn't feel quite so awkward.

So now I am about to get ready and head over to teh boyfriend's house. That should be fun. :) That's all for now, kids. Oh and...


Billy: Man, our English teacher is so strict.
Johnny: Yeah, she's a real Litzar.

Lemme know what YOU think Litzar means!

Always blinking when the shutter closes,

p.s. What would you if you were in a school-wide chapel (or assembly, if you prefer) that was extremely boring, and you had only had a purse (or backpack) filled with pens, a phone, some scraps of paper with not much room to write on, and a camera? I chose to draw this:

p.p.s. Sorry that these are sorta crappy pictures. I had to photoshop them for lighting etc. but otherwise that's exactly what it looks like. You can even see remnants of the reminders from days past. (Ink does not wash out of my skin very well, especially from this one particular pen that I was using.)

Mar 23, 2009

These posts are too long but I swear this one is interesting...

Seriously, who makes up these word verifications?

For some of the comments I've left on various blogs, I've had to write:


among other strange words that I doubt appear in the English dictionary. (I don't think these are real words because my spellcheck keeps telling me that they are not. Plus, I've never heard any of them before...)

I think I'd like to make these words a new part of my daily vernacular (which is a wonderful word, by the way). And so, without further ado, I present...

Today's word: Dersh

How is this word supposed to be used? My guess would be something like this...

"Herbert slipped in the rain and landed in some mud today."
"Aww, that poor dersh."

Got a better idea for its usage? You should leave it here. I'm thinking maybe this will become a regular thing. I post enough comments to find these crazy words daily.

Hoping you have a hanartl day,

p.s. I have a friendship bracelet (well... I made it myself... but I was with my best friend and she made her own and we both wear ours all the time) made of the Rainbow Bright colors. I'm thinking maybe I should post a picture eventually.

Mar 22, 2009

I know I know, too many posts in one day.

I just wanted to tell you that you should check out Bear & Kitten. That's a link to the first strip. It's a webcomic. It's adorable. It's hilarious. And it is STRANGE. :D I likes it.

Seriously though, if you think it's one of those cutesy websites with pictures of small furry animals, you're wrong. The artwork is cute, yes... but the story is just... hahaha yes.

Just check it out, okay?

While you're at it, why not tell me if you like webcomics? And if so, which do you like? And if not, would you like me to recommend some? I read a few.

With a hearty pat on the shoulder,

p.s. Yep, I am procrastinating on that laundry folding. Gahhh.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I just finished all my English homework.
(All being two whole assignments, but still, I'm happy!)

Gonna go fold some of that laundry now. Oh joy.

Hopefully teh boyfriend is coming over tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me, kids. I miss him a lot. :(

With a shimmy and a shake,

p.s. I just realized that I could be entirely profane in this blog and NO ONE would ever know because NO ONE I know reads this. Well... my friend Maggie might... she can if she wants to, but she's the only one who's got the link. So... maybe I will swear sometimes, if the mood strikes.
It's official. I have WAY too many close clothes. Let me break it down for you.

Load 1- Jeans. Yep, an ENTIRE load of jeans (plus one pair of corduroys).
Load 2- Blues and greens.
Load 3- Blacks and dark grays
Load 4- Whites, light grays, and socks that aren't blue, black, or red.
Load 5 (to be washed next, since the whites are in now)- Reds, Browns, and Oranges.
Load 6- Everything else (basically stuff that got leftover when I was making my color loads plus things I couldn't figure out the right category for).

SIX LOADS OF LAUNDRY? At least it's all stuff that I actually wear... I do plan on going through all of this and pulling out at least 1 box worth of goodwill giveaways. Maybe more? Also, it should be noted that I put off doing laundry until I have absolutely NO clean clothes left.

Like you really want to know about my laundry situation... oh well. Sadly, this is probably the most interesting part of my weekend.

Good news is that I already know what I'm going to wear on Thursday! (The other days of the week, who cares? Thursday's the important one.)

Wishes of a non-laundry consumed life,

p.s. I FINISHED PAINTING MY KNEE-HIGH CONVERSE! (I think... who knows, I might do like a million more things to them...) Pictures to come soon. :D All I have to say is that I think they're pretty sweet and I don't care if other people think that they are absolutely horrendous because I really really like them a lot. So there. :P

Mar 21, 2009

I can't explain to you how much I love Chuck Taylors. (Taylor's? I guess they are a product of Chuck Taylor, so they would be his, but they are also plural, right? But Taylors' isn't right... I think Chuck Taylors is the best option... tell me if you disagree.)

Eventually, I'll take/find a picture of my favorites. Also, I'll be sure to finish painting my knee-highs and post a picture here. Maybe this will become a shoe blog... I hope not.
Hello, world.

Last night, my best friend in the world came over to my house. We went to Target (to pick up her paycheck), then to the back (to cash her paycheck), then to Chipotle (to eat yummy yummy yummy delicious foodstuffs) and then to GameStop (to look at the games, of course)! It was wonderful. :D We drove back to my house and basically spent the night playing Wii games and just being stupid. Video games and stupidity are definitely common factors in our hangouts. She slept over and then we spent the morning playing Wii and I invented (at the suggestion of my bestie) a pizza bagel! Well... I probably didn't actually invent it but I made up how to make it all by myself. haha.

So now she is gone and I am about to start... well, continue... cleaning my room. Oh joy. Most of my laundry is washed, minus I think 1 more load? So basically I just need to make my bed and do some overall tidying. (Yep, I'm your typical teenager - I love food and video games and my room is a mess.) I don't think it'll take too long to clean up. Most of the time spent will be folding my baskets upon baskets of laundry. (Of course this all just makes me want to go shopping... what a girl...)

ANYWAY, happy spring!! It's officially here and I couldn't be happier.

Also, today is March 21st. That may not be a significant day to you, but it is to me, and here's why:
On March 21st, 2008, there was a girl who was invited to go to a local venue to see her friend's band play a show. She decided to go, even though only two of her old old friends were going. The girl was basically ignored for the first half hour or so, and nearly left early, when a young man walked up to her and asked (ever so eloquently), "Who are you here to see?" Well, the girl was confused. She didn't know that young man at all and wondered why he was talking to her. She decided just to talk to him anyway, and they ended up becoming fast friends. By the end of the night, the girl and the young man had exchanged phone numbers and were sitting on a couch with his arm around her shoulders. They hugged goodbye and from that instant, the girl knew that she really liked the young man. (Yep, that quick!) A year later, those two crazy kids are happily in a relationship with one another (he didn't ask her out until the 26th, though).

I'll give you an interwebs cookie if you can guess who that story is about. :)

Anyway, you're probably bored, and I need to get cleaning, so ta ta for now!

Always here if you want to talk,

p.s. Here's a picture!

Mar 18, 2009

I actually did my English homework! Hooray!

In other news, I'm getting pretty excited about senior year. Here's why:

1)No math class.
2) No science class.
3) Shakespeare.
4) Creative writing.
5) All sorts of art electives that include (but are not limited to) graphic design, ceramics II and drawing.
6) Less dealing with the annoying sophomores (I hope).
7) Trip to France (on my birthday, no less)... hopefully, anyway.
8) I should have my license by then (since I can legally get in on April 8th).
9) I'll be really figuring out what I'm doing with my life (which I believe will be something in linguistics).
10) Advanced French!! (Which means less annoying people who don't want to be there *coughcoughABBYcoughcough*)

Yep. I'm pretty stoked.

Sometime, I may rant about how much I hate this one girl named Abby. I don't care that I'm using her name here b/c there's no way in hell she knows about this blog, and even if she does, it's not like she'd know it was by me or about her. But I'll save that for another time. For now, I think I'm going to bed.

Air kisses,

p.s. Have you ever classified a "good hug" versus a "bad hug" with your friends? I have.
Good morning. :)

I just realized I may have had to do a take home test for history last night... I came late to class when my teacher was explaining it so I'm not sure when it was do. Fingers crossed for Friday!

Hopefully everyone has a good day today. I'm just shooting for not death-like in the history department. Ever the optimist, eh?

High fives all around,

p.s. Sometimes I sit on the floor in my family room in front of our mini-library and read the children's books. They're on the bottom level. Also, they're some of my favorites.

Mar 17, 2009

Am I going to post here EVERY DAY?

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

To be entirely honest, my life is going really well right now. Whether this is a long term thing or a two day thing, I'm not sure, but I'm enjoying it either way. Two whole days of sunshine and happiness have gone by. I must say that it's been quite excellent.

I'm currently listening to "Music from Degrassi: The Next Generation." I'm not sure if there are multiple Degrassi albums (for every season?) but I'm listening to the one from 2008. I know, Degrassi got lame after (nvm... insert spoiler here from a few seasons ago), and yes some people just find that show to be lame in general, but it was fun to watch. Oh Canadian teenagers, how I envy you and your exciting, dramatic lives. This album is a compilation of quite a few artists that I am fond of as well as some crap that I don't like and a few that I don't know. I'm not sure why I'm writing this here... but anyway, that's that.

I'm reading The Princess Bride right now. It's definitely become one of my favorite books even though I'm only 250 pages in (I think that's around halfway). The Princess Bride is my favorite movie of all time, so it just makes sense that I'd like the book, right? Well... I guess that logic is flawed since book movies tend to stray from their books, but still, that was my logic in choosing to read it. I'm thinking of putting off the last 200 or so pages for about 2 weeks so that I can use it for my independent reading project coming up in English, but... well it's not like she'll care if I read the book that week or three weeks ago, right? RIGHT. :D

You probably don't care about any of this, do you? What do blog readers like to read? Do I need a theme? Should I just keep writing whatever I'm thinking at the time? Should I refrain from posting poems? Hum. So many questions. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

Just kidding. I feel like I don't use exclamation points enough. It's quite sad. Maybe I should use them more often. Let's try it! Ohh, that looks nice! I'm really liking this! (Okay, it's getting a little annoying now, right?)

This post is officially declared LONG ENOUGH! GOODBYE!

Hugs and more hugs,

p.s. hello there!

Mar 16, 2009

I like this site so far. I've figured out how to find people with interests in the same things as me, so that has been pretty fun to explore. That sentence doesn't read well but I'm too sleepy to try and fix it.

I watched the movie Pretty in Pink on Friday night. It was an ok movie but the ending... well I don't want to give anything away, but John Hughes, WTF? That was just lame. I do like some of his other movies, but Pretty in Pink made me make a frownie face. I don't like doing that.

On the upside, today was magnificent beyond belief. I don't think I stopped smiling for more than 45 minutes (a very exact amount of time due to the fact that all of my classes are 45 minutes long, and one of those classes includes trig). It was (I think) 65 degrees outside! Which is amazing for me. This time last year, there was snow all over the place. I'm hoping it's gone for this winter. I love snow... just not in any month but December. So the weather was great, which put me in the best mood ever, and I had TWO classes with substitutes, one of whom is my FAVORITE substitute teachers ever, so that was fun. I wore my awesome new socks from the boyfriend's aunt (yes, she makes me socks and I like them a lot!) which was also lovely.

Of course, no perfect day is complete without a visit to the boyfriend's house. I visited with him and his mom. He kicked my hiney at checkers but I owned him at Candy Land! Booyah. His mommy made pasta that was yummy. I love her. She's awesome. Ok ok I love him too... but his mom just makes my day sometimes. Is that weird?

I feel like I'm writing too much. I think I'm getting overexcited about having a blog again... and... readers? :O whoas.

I shall leave you with this!
(I promise this isn't becoming a photo blog but today I just feel like leaving a picture.)

Love always,

Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois

Mar 15, 2009

I love Scrabble.

Mar 14, 2009

Thus, I have begun my blogging life once again...

I'm not sure yet what I want to do with this blog, but I do want to update it regularly.

I think I'll keep this entirely disconnected from everyone I know in person, at least for now. Who knows, it might change later on. For now though, this is for me and whoever happens upon this page.

A little about me? My favorite juice is Ocean Spray white cranberry-strawberry. It is absolutely delicious. I also really love Converse shoes. I still have my very first pair (they still fit, I still wear them). I'm a pack rat. I'm greatly looking forward to my senior year of high school (which is next year). I love music, but really, who doesn't? I just went to a nearby record store for the first time... I haven't been in a record store since the Tower Records near my home closed down. Purchased a Van Morrison album for my boyfriend for our upcoming anniversary. Hopefully he will like it.

I'm sure there are million things I could write here right now... but I don't really want to. Right now I want to figure out everything I possibly can about blogspot, since I've never used it before. I'm wondering if it works like livejournal. Hopefully I'll have more to write later.