May 23, 2009

Star tripping is my new favorite thing to do at night. Hahahahaha.

So I had a bonfire at my house last night, and there were I think 10 people there, give or take. It was super fun. We had hot dogs and s'mores, listened to music (mini dance party... Maggie taught us how to Pop, Lock, and Drop), told stories, tried to play Red Rover (did not work well), had a piggy back race (technically Bryan and I won because we touched the fence first, even though Kyle and Lauryn were actually faster I think), sat around the bonfire, and of course went star tripping. Overall, I would call it a successful welcoming to summer vacation! (1 week of school and 4 days of finals left!)

Today is my best friend's graduation! I am so excited!!! Last weekend was her 18th birthday, and now it's her high school graduation! She's so grown up now, it's crazy. It's also crazy to think that a year from now, I'LL be the one graduating!

I thought maybe I would write my speech for English today, but I just don't want to, so I'll write it tomorrow, unless I get inspired today for some reason.

That's about all for now, kids.

EDIT: Graduation was good. I kept myself busy while they read off the 500+ names by reading them to see which people were skipped and imagining why they were gone (kicked out, didn't feel like it, forgot, didn't have enough credit, etc.). It was fairly short compared to the other graduations I've been too. So now, my best friend in the world is a high school graduate. That is somewhat crazy to think about.

The bigger reason for this edit ('cause the graduation stuff really could have waited) was to tell you that tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 100TH POST!!! Woooo. I'm thinking up some fun ideas about what to post, so be on the lookout! Can't believe I've made it to 100 this quickly. (What a nerdddd.)