Nov 25, 2009

I've been lazy with blogging lately. I haven't really been reading that often and I haven't been posting much. I guess I've just been busy and haven't had much to post about anyway. Bleh.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Huzzah! I'm going out for Irish food tonight as a pre-Thanksgiving feast with the fam. Not entirely sure why, haha. Oh well. It'll be fun and yummy. :)

Last night, I slept over at my friend Lauryn's and our friend Bryan came with his gf Cori and her friend Julia, and Maggie came, and I brought The Boyfriend, so it was just a party. We baked things and ate pizza. :) The best part was that Cori and Julia slept over, which is a first. We are becoming friends! I am a happy camper. They are both soooooo awesome. Too bad Maggie couldn't stay the night. :( Oh wells, next time fo sho.

Meh, not much else to post about. Sims 3: World Adventures is awesome. That's about it.