Aug 30, 2009

My mom and I are making school-colored (maroon & white) Snuggies for me and all of my friends for homecoming week. Needless to say, I am freaking excited. After assembling, we're going to have a Snuggie decorating party, so everyone can personalize their own with ribbons, letters, beads, or whatever else they want. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for fleece in my entire life. :)

On another note, I spent hours (what a loser, oh well) today reading My Life Is Average. I highly recommend reading it. It made me smile. I also recommend My Life Is Great (or good... the website says "MyLifeIsG" so I can't be too sure), if you really want to read some sweet, heartwarming stories. MLIA is more funny, but fairly everyday stories, whereas MLIG is uplifting. I think they're both from the makers of FMyLife (FML), since the formatting and everything is the same... So yeah, there you go, three fun websites to check out.

I need to do some English homework at some point tonight. Not much, just a bit of reading. Wheeeee.

I guess I'm done blogging for now.

Aug 27, 2009


You should check out my French blog. I'm using it mostly so that I can practice from home, but I'd like to have a little bit more readership... It'd be nice to be able to read comments (in French, of course) and respond to them (also in French), to get a little practice with two-way writing, as opposed to just me posting whatever comes to mind (and also whatever I can... kind of... say... without too much assistance from or babelfish...).

Mhmm mhmm mhmm so there you have it. :)
School, school, school... what is there to say? I go to class, I talk to friends, I eat, I (try to) learn. The end.

Just kidding. :D THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT! I'm a senior, for goodness sake! To begin, let it be known that my schedule is simply AMAZING. French, Graphic Design, Econ, Lunch, Creative Writing, Gov, Drawing, Doctrine&Apologetics. Whee! My teachers are made of win, to put it in internet terms. I already have had many of them for previous courses, which is nice because I tend to leave teachers with a good impression of myself, so to start off with one is wonderful. I'm not trying to sound weird or whatever, but my French teacher seriously loves me. And I love her, and her class, and the language that she teachers... so overall this is a wonderful way to start off my day. I'm excited for all of my classes... well... ok I'm excited to have all my teachers, although I could do without the subject matter for a few (I'll let you guess, teehee). I found out that my Drawing teacher actually graduated in the same class as my sister, so my teacher knew who my sister was when I mentioned her. I thought that was pretty cool.

MAN, THERE IS TOO MUCH TO SAY I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE AND WHAT TO LEAVE OUT. I will just say that if you would like to know about my first day, or my school, or classes, or if you want a little high-school advice (not to say I'm a wellspring, but I know a few things after being here for 3 years), or whatever, just leave me a comment on this post, mmmmkay? :)

I am constantly realizing how incredibly lucky I am to be where I am. Even in these past 2 days, I've just been trying to look around and see the wonders of my own little corner of the world. It's a pretty amazing place, this earth. I can't wait to see some more of it.

edit: p.s. please excuse me if this post sounds at all strange/crazy. I'm feeling a little dizzy right now and I'm kinda sleepy from school so... yeah... my mind is just a tad bit off right now.

Aug 25, 2009

I'm freaking out.

Where did Pictures For Sad Children go?!?! :(

In other news, school starts tomorrow.

Aug 24, 2009

I'm running on 45 minutes of sleep and 1 large (ish) cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Mmmmm, coffee.

What is there to say? I went to the campout with my friends. We set up tents among the other tents full of other seniors. We ate snacks and danced to loud music. We partied and drank lots of pop (soda, for all of you not from the midwest... does any other region call it "pop?"). We even played a HUGE game of Sardines, which my group actually "won" because we found the hiders first! Heehee. Anywho... Originally, we had set up two tents, one for boys and one for girls in our group. Well, our whole group wanted to hang out, and were tired of dancing, so we all piled into one tent at around 1am. Four people of our seven person group decided to go to steak&shake, so three of us were left to chill until around 3am, when I guess it closed and the rest of our crew returned to us.

We bonded a lot. Pretty much, we told stories and talked. At one point, we started singing "Lean On Me," which prompted another tent to join in the singing, and yet another tent to yell (halfheartedly) "shut up!" We sang a bit more, then saw some headlights. Minutes later, someone came around to the two loud tents (us and the other singers) that the cops had come to tell us to stop singing so loudly. We listened, however I don't believe that the cops actually came. I think it was just someone pulling up in the car and then them using that as an excuse to shut us up. It just wouldn't make sense for a police officer to be there at that moment, as we'd only been singing for like 5 minutes, and there aren't any stations near my school. They also would not have sat in the car, revving the engine at us... Plus, a smart officer would also most likely talk to more than 1 person, because honestly, how would they know the 1 person would talk to everyone else? Oh well, we still quieted down to be courteous to the quiet tents.

For a while, we all just snuggled in the tent, talking less and less as the minutes passed. By 4:30am, we decided to get a bit of sleep. At 5:15am, I rolled over and looked at my friend Kyle, who was as wide awake as I was. We went to go sit in my dad's truck and talk so that we didn't wake up the others. A little later, our friend Lauryn joined us. A little later than that, someone opened the doors to the school. We made a mad dash inside and picked our lockers (frantically, I might add, even though at that point there were only maybe 8 of us in there). Everyone sprinkled in eventually. We waited a couple hours inside the school, and finally it was time to officially write our names on papers that had our locker numbers on them for the office. We got our combinations, and that was that.

My friends and I cleaned up our area, made a run to Dunkin' Donuts, and then said our goodbyes (until Wednesday, which is day 1 of school!). I have to say, this night/morning really brought in the school year for me. I'm super excited to be a senior. I love the fact that I go to an amazing school where the administration actually trusts us enough to let us camp out there all night long with no supervision. They'd even called the cops ahead of time for us just so that they'd know we weren't trespassing on the campus. It was truly amazing. I'm blessed, to say the least.

I feel ready for just about anything at this point.

Did anyone else have any fun adventures this weekend?

p.s. I just did a word count of this and realized that this blog post is as long as my history summer reading paper needs to be. Wow. 600 words (minimum).

Aug 23, 2009

Tonight, at 8pm, I will be arriving at my school.

I will be setting up a tent in the grass (unfortunately in the dark).

I will be sitting, laughing, hanging out with my friends.

I will then sleep (maybe).

After all that, I will be getting up sometime around 5am to make a dash inside the school.

I will be running down the hallway.

I will be picking out my locker, alongside my friends.

I will be making a (fantastic) memory to start off my last year in high school with a bang.

I couldn't be more excited.

Aug 20, 2009


Yaaay 150 posts! This is exciting. And so...


(p.s. if the picture above is just a giant pink box that says "" just click on it and you'll see it... I dunno whats up.)

Aug 16, 2009

I went shopping today and got some really adorable things. Huzzah! (I went, as usual, with my dad, 'cause he is the best person in the world to shop with. Seriously.)

After that, I baked a cake! (There's a reason behind this, but I do not wish to disclose it here. Why? Because I just like to be silly sometimes.) Then The Boyfriend came over and received said cake. Then we drove over to his friend's house to party. Then I went home. The end.

(Life wasn't very interesting to write about today, apparently, but it was a very good day.)

p.s. (Added a whole day later)... BE ON THE LOOKOUT! My next post will be #150! Oooh, shiny...

Aug 15, 2009

In other news...

There are two people I really want to talk to right now. One of them reads this blog (at least sometimes). The other does not (or has not made it known to me).

You win a cookie if you guess who they are. (You won't know if you get them right, but all I said was "guess," right?)

I feel weird and stir crazy and (almost) sad and bored and anxious and everything. I'm jonesin' for a hug.
At about 3am, I realized that all breakups are different from each other. It hit me like a train: not all breakups are caused by fights or people not caring about each other anymore. Not all breakups are caused by mistakes made. Sometimes, breakups happen when two people really love each other, but are just at an awkward or transitional point in life. It doesn't mean that they can't get back together later, either. On occasion, breakups simply mean that the two involved parties need some time apart to reevaluate themselves and what drives them to stay in or get out of a relationship.

That being said, I almost went through one such breakup last night. In fact, I think for about 5 minutes of my conversation with The Boyfriend, I was single, but that was not to last. The reason I'm willing to post about this is because it's my private blog and I use it to exhale any words that can't be said out loud to most of the people I'm close to. Back to the point... We ended up talking for nearly 3 hours, trying to decide if we should stay together and try to fix the weird little things that have been eating away at us both, take a break (the details of said break would be discussed if that was the option we were to choose), or just be friends (potentially with the option of getting back together later on). Each option was seriously considered. Option #3 almost won out, but we decided not to give up without at least trying, first.

The way I saw it, why throw in the towel when, underneath the awkwardness and occasional frustrations, we had something really fantastic? We met by what he believes to be coincidence, and I believe to be an act of God (the reason behind the act is still beyond me). We get along incredibly well, and we've basically been best friends since we first met. We've never fought (not a real fight, anyway). We have our problems, yes, but so does every couple. If, after a while, we can't seem to resolve a bit of the tension that's been looming over our relationship, then we decided to talk about it again and figure out what to do, and if that means breaking up, then that's what we'll do. Right now, though, we are both just going to try to love the heck out of each other.

Sorry, by the way, for being vague about our "problems." For one, they are difficult to explain, and I also don't feel entirely comfortable posting about them because I'm afraid I'll make everything sound like The Boyfriend's fault, when we're both imperfect people who don't always know the right thing to do in certain situations. Also, sorry if I'm all rambly and don't make sense.

I guess... wish us luck/send us prayers/whatever else people do so that we can figure out how to work on things. It's not like we have huge problems that are impossible to overcome, so hopefully it will all work out for the best. We're still absolutely nuts about each other, and can't imagine life apart (meaning even if we do break up, we'll still be best friends... after a while).

I don't say this enough... or have I ever, even? Anyway, thanks for reading. ♥

Aug 14, 2009

(500) Days of Summer was a really good movie, in my opinion. I actually didn't predict too much of the plot (there was one major plot point I saw coming from a mile away, but only because of some foreshadowing at the beginning). I won't tell you any details, because you just have to see the movie for yourself if you want to know about it. (Or go look it up, I don't care, but you won't get anything from me!)

I have to admit, part of me wanted to see the movie just because the main stars are very attractive people. I find Zooey Deschanel incredibly beautiful, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to have this kind of shy handsomeness that is so rare (at least, in my world). I also liked how it looked like an "indie" flick. I wanted to feel cool watching it. I guess my intentions in seeing it were not great, but I'm glad I saw it, either way.

It's the same as when I wanted to see Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. The ONLY reason I wanted to see it was because, and I'm not kidding here, my name was in the title. I'm glad that I watched it, because I really like it now, but I wanted to see it for a stupid reason.

I guess it doesn't really matter why we want to watch movies. It just matters what we think of them after we've seen them. I can't remember the first time I watched my top two favorite movies (most favorite being The Princess Bride, and second favorite being Waking Ned Devine), but I'm glad I saw them. They are excellent examples of great cinematic endeavors. (Speaking of which, William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride, had his birthday a couple days ago. Not sure if I mentioned that in an earlier blog post.)

So how do you choose what movies to watch? Do you remember why you wanted to watch your favorites for the very first time?

Aug 11, 2009

Speaking of "modern fashion," go look at my "artsy" blog. I posted a new thing and I'm pondering whether or not to add more to it.

I'm going to Six Flags tomorrow! Yay! With the Best Friend, no less. It should be a blast.

I think I will play some Sims 3 now... yes.

Aug 10, 2009

Modern Fashion

Horrible stuff. I want to rip my eyes out. D:
My best sisterfriend came up from Georgia this week. She's leaving tomorrow morning. I miss her already.


Aug 9, 2009


I STOOD AT THE TOP OF THE SEARS TOWER!!!!!!! (That's right, it's SEARS, not "Willis.")

Here are some pictures! :D

Doesn't that look like a speckled rooftop? Or some gravel? It's actually the crowd at LollaPalooza!

From so high up, the buildings just look liked little models, or toys even.

Me trying to be "artsy."

Yep, in this picture I'm standing in a glass box, 103 stories in the air.

I sat in the box, too.

Chicago 2016!! Yeah, baby! Check out all those flags.

It will always be the SEARS Tower.

Look up toward the top of the building... see something that looks like...

little glass boxes? Those speckles are PEOPLE! And I WAS ONE OF THEM! (Not in this picture, but you get the idea.)

So there was my exciting adventure for the weekend/summer. Yaaay!


Aug 7, 2009


It makes me laugh every time.

Girls night was lots of fun. We pigged out, talked about random stuff, watched awful/strange/nostalgia-inducing movies, pigged out some more, and slept. We actually never ended up doing nails or baking. Oh well. It was fun. :)

My sister is home! I haven't seen her yet, but I'm going to Chicago with her tomorrow! Yaaay!

I guess there's nothing else I have to say. Toodles!

Aug 6, 2009

MAGGIE, IF YOU READ THIS, YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR BLOG! It occurs to me that it has been too long since you've done so.

So... I don't really know how to explain this, but I'll give it a shot. I've had a weird couple of weeks. I've been... kind of freaking out. It hit me that this is my last summer as a high-schooler... And even though it's been an amazing one, it hasn't really taken my mind off the fact that after this year, I'll know where I'll be going... and it won't be anywhere near where I am now. I'm really excited to go to college, but I'm also really scared. I'm scared that I won't succeed, that I won't find friends, whatever. More than that, I'm scared of losing my friends (or just being away from them for too long), and I'm scared of losing The Boyfriend. I know, it seems stupid to be freaking out about him, being so young and all that, but he's been a stable fixture in my life for over a year now, and by the time I graduate, it'll be over 2 years (assuming we don't break up before then). Last night, I was over at his house and he was talking about going to his friend's house, and I just freaked. I was like "oh but we were supposed to have another hour together" (yes, in retrospect, I sounded like a moron). And then I started thinking about college and moving out and ended up crying on his shoulder for 10 minutes, not letting him look at me. The problem was that this was in combination with the night before, when I had a major self-esteem meltdown. I don't worry about my looks ever. In fact, I'm a rarity apparently, in that I think I'm beautiful. What I was freaking out about was that I'm not smart enough, I don't know enough about music, or pop culture, and so on. Dumb, but whatever. So yesterday was just a weird combination of freakouts. I feel a lot better this morning, but still... I can't shake this feeling of fear.

Buh, sorry about that. I tend to ramble.

I've been playing Sims 3 a lot this week. I've made 3 new families... yikes. I need to chill out on that, I think.

HERE IS A JOKE! How do you make a tissue dance? (Answer in the comments, I'll post the actual answer later.)


Aug 5, 2009

I got my license!!! :D Here's proof (or maybe I just like to show it off, lol).

I've already driven to The Boyfriend's house and to Jewel (the grocery store). Yaaaay! :D

The jazz show last night was fun. We ate pizza while we were there, and then left a little early for ice cream. We went back and watched the end of the show, and then went home. Talked to The Boyfriend on the phone for a while, and then went to sleep. I think I'm hanging out with The Best Friend tonight, so yaaay! :) That's all. Bye!

p.s. I don't know if they do this in every state, but here in Illinois, there are 2 different types of licenses. As you can see, mine is vertical. This is because I'm under 21. I guess it just makes things easier on cashiers at stores and whatnot. When you turn 21, you can go get a new license (well, you have to, as it expires 3 months after your 21st birthday), and that one is horizontal. Soo... yes.

Aug 4, 2009

I'm going to try for my license today. Can't say I'm 100% confident, but I think I'll get it. From what I've heard, the test is easy and short, so all I have to do is not screw up too badly. I know you're allowed 2 minor problems, which I'm assuming means like forgetting to signal or stopping past a stop sign, but I'm not really sure. You automatically fail if you go over the solid line in the middle or if you hit the curb, or if you do anything really illegal or dangerous. Obviously hitting another car means failure unless it was the other driver's fault. I think I can do this... I'm a good driver, even in my mom's car, which pulls side to side if you don't pay enough attention to it. I don't have to parallel park or do a 3-point turn, so I should be safe. I know how to turn, park (...sorta), read signs, and all that basic stuff, so I SHOULD be okay.

Excuse the above paragraph, it was mostly so that I could assure myself that I will be okay.

I promised The Boyfriend that the first place I would drive with my license would be to his house. Regardless of whether or not I get my license today, I'm still going to see him because he and I are going to a jazz concert tonight. More specifically, it's his father's jazz band that's playing, so that should be fun. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but it's okay, and I always have a good time with The Boyfriend, so yeah.

Going to the dunes was a blast, even though the sun didn't show until about 5 minutes before we left. We still got to swim and climb up one of the dunes and bury The Boyfriend in the sand, so overall it was a wonderful trip. I have discovered that The Boyfriend is not that great of a driver, but he's good enough I guess. He also has a big enough vehicle that getting into an accident wouldn't really be all that bad. lol.

Family came over on Sunday. My uncle and aunt came, and three of their sons, who brought their wives/girlfriends as well as their children. Adding all of them up, it came to twelve people, plus myself, my parents, The Boyfriend and his mom, two of my sisters and their fellas, and my grandpa, which gave us a whopping 22 people. Two of my cousins and their attachments left after about an hour, which cut out 6 people, but still, it was a lot. We had lots of yummy food. We even MADE beef jerky! (My oldest sister gave our dad a dehydrator for his birthday, which was the 29th.) Yummmmm. Homemade jerky is the BEST. I can't wait to try drying some fruit. Dried mangoes are my favorite.

I guess that's really all I've got to talk about. I'll post later with an update about my license, maybe.


Aug 1, 2009

I'm going to the Michigan dunes today with the boyfriend and a bunch of his (/our?) friends. It shall be lots of laughs and happiness. The only bad part is that I can't find my camera, but I'm borrowing my mommy's so it's okay (for today, although I'd like to find my camera soon).



1) Advanced French Honors (basically this means year 3 honors)
2) Graphic Design I
3) Economics & Personal Finance
4) Creative Writing
5) Lunch (note that 4&5 may be swapped)
6) US Government & Current Issues
7) Drawing I
8) Doctrine & Apologetics (aka Bible class... for those of you who don't know, I go to a Christian school)


1) Advanced French Honors
2) Shakespeare
3) Digital Photography II (I took DigiPhot I during my sophomore year)
4) Faith & Culture (again, Bible class)
5) lunch
6) Study Hall
7) Ceramics II (took Ceramics I my freshman year)
8) 20th Century American Culture


p.s. I will possibly post later, otherwise MAYBE tomorrow (we are having family over so I dunno), or Monday.