Apr 18, 2010

Self Centered Saturday #3

Sorry for not ACTUALLY posting this on Saturday.

I spent the weekend at my friend Lauryn's house. We partied it up. I didn't feel like updating my blog from her computer since I didn't know how long it would take, so I'm just doing it today instead of yesterday.

It was really nice to have a weekend away from home. Her parents were gone for the weekend and she doesn't like being alone in her house, so it worked out well for me to just stay there Friday night (along with our other friend, Maggie). Well, Maggie left on Saturday morning, but I stayed for a while and we ended up just hanging out all day and going out and having fun last night. :) Lots of good music and funtimes. Plus there were some cuties who made googly eyes at us, which was fun. Woot.

I had dreams about college last night. It was really strange. It didn't look like the college I'm going to, but I know it was. The dorms were like cabins, with 4 or 6 bunk beds. It was strange. Nothing really interesting happened.

The Boyfriend spent the weekend at his dad's house, which also worked out well for the hanging with Lauryn time. Not that I didn't want to see him, but it was nice not to have to worry about double-planning or whatever. It was just us gals (plus two of our male friends for a little while on Friday).

Uhh... I guess that's pretty much it!