Oct 2, 2009

Really sorry for the lack of updates lately. School and friends and life in general have just taken up all my time, and what they have not taken away goes to sleep. Bleh.

The Boyfriend's homecoming was fun. It was, as some would put it, "a total grindfest," however as I do not mind grinding, it was pretty fun. I especially loved the fact that "Don't Stop Believing" came on and EVERYONE started singing. :) Faaaantastic.

My homecoming week has been great. It's wonderful to be a senior. :) I've been feeling quite nostalgic, though, too... Remembering homecomings past has been amazing and yet really sad, too. This week was a lot of fun with dress days. They were:
Monday: Class color day (seniors wore purple!)
Tuesday: Backwards/Clash/Inside-out day (with a backwards class schedule!)
Wednesday: Western Day (yeehaw!)
Thursday: Masquerade Day (remember my prom dress? that + a mask = my outfit)
Friday: School spirit day (Maroon and white Snuggie, ya?)

We had yelling contests and craziness all over the place. Today, there was a 1/2day for classes, then a pep rally (which was sorta lame but I'm too blehhh right now to complain). My friends and I ended up chilling at this farm place near my house, then going back to my house b/c it was raining. We then proceeded to go to Starbucks, and then the Dollar Store (everything costs $1, go figure), and then back to school. We saw all the floats (ours was awful, but whatevs), and then decided to go inside. It was cold, raining, and just icky all-around. While the soccer games went on, my friends and I chilled in the senior lounge, then went to Steak&Shake where we ate deliciousness. We went back to school, hung out indoors again for a reeeeally long time, and finally went outside for like the last 2 minutes of the varsity soccer game. We tied and then it was fireworks time. The fireworks, as usual, were incredible. :) My friend and I ended up sobbing with each other for a minute, thinking about how it was our last homecoming and such... it was so sad... But still, a nice night.

The Boyfriend walked me to my car, we said goodnight, then he went to his car and we both drove home. Obviously, I arrived at home, since I'm writing this. :)

Hopefully that brings you up to date on my life. :D

p.s. My school's very first ever dance is tomorrow! It's a square dance, yay!