Jul 30, 2009


You should check out PostSecret. I still haven't figured out what makes me love it so much... I just do.

Maybe it's the sense that someone is telling me their secrets... that someone trusts me. It feels nice, especially when I have friends that don't even trust me. Maybe it's the fact that right there on that screen, there's something, be it work of art or almost post-it quality, that I can relate to. It makes me feel a little more human. Maybe it's simply the fact that I really like hearing juicy gossip, even if I don't know who it's about.

My guess would be a combination of the three.
Wow, two new readers! Hello! :)

I have just finished my 4 days of work study at school, which means I now have a large chunk of my tuition paid for this year via financial aid. Yay!

The first two days went by really quickly. We painted a maroon room this yellow-ish color... without primer... and latex over oil paint, so it was pretty much peeling off right after we'd finished it. Whatever, not my problem, not the problems of the other people in my group, either. If the paint ends up not working out, then next year's work study kids will take care of it, I guess. Maybe the school will figure out how painting is supposed to work... heh. Anywho, on both days we got out at 2:30 instead of 4:00 because we ran out of stuff to do. Yay, indeed!

Yesterday, I did a lot of random stuff. Watering plants, washing windows (which were not actually dirty), taking out recyling, organizing, whatever. Boring. Today, I did a LOT of cleaning. My group cleaned a stairwell, including walls and railings and carpet... blech. Then, we washed chairs and then we went to wash dishes in the kitchen (apparently, one teacher had stockpiled like 15 mugs in his room over the year and hadn't bothered to take them down and wash them himself... ew). After that, we were done.

Yesterday was also my daddy's birthday! He has a strong liking for huge, plastic cups, so my mom and I found 10 for him. I got The Boyfriend to ask my dad a question about something in the garage, and while they were out, my mom and I put all the cups (wrapped) in the cabinet. When they came back in, I asked my dad if he would go make me a cup of ice water, because I was "so tired and thirsty." He took the bait, and a moment later, I could hear fits of laughter in the kitchen. He unwrapped all the cups and liked them very much. We also gave him a hat with a family joke ironed on to it, and then we got The Boyfriend to give him a roll of toilet paper in a bag. You see, there's this long-running joke in my family where SOMEONE always gives another person a roll of toilet paper. It happens at every birthday, every Christmas, and whatever other gift-giving events roll along. My dad started it, I'm sure. Anyway, we thought it would catch him by surprise if The Boyfriend gave it to him, since he's technically not part of the family, and he's been around the least amount of holidays and such. My dad thought it was hilarious. Yay! After the presents, my mom, dad, The Boyfriend, and I went out to dinner with my two sisters and their fellas. Yummyyyyy Mediterranean food.

So yes, that was my yesterday. After work study today, my mom and I came home and made Paula Deen's Old Fashioned Fudge Pie. It was (and is) delicious! And, it was quite simple. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who has a craving for chocolate and about 3 minutes to spare (since really, the brunt of the time it takes to make the pie is in the baking).

Sorry for the slew of long posts lately. I tend to neglect the internet for days at a time, considering it's summer and I have better things to do. heehee.

Again, hello to you new people! :D :D :D I can't wait to check out your blogs!

♥ Norah

Jul 25, 2009

It's been too long, kids. :(

Sooo... what is up in Norah land?

Last night, I was supposed to see The Cab and The Academy Is... at the county fair. I was SUPER excited. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I seriously was running around, jumping, whatever. So yeah, we got to the show (about 2 hours early, and still didn't get to be in front). We waited. My foot went numb from sitting on it. (They made us sit for some reason.) The show started. The Cab was excellent, I must say. But, I have to admit, I was really there to see TAI. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They're definitely in my top 5. Anyway, The Cab got done, and we waited a little more. TAI started playing, and got through a couple of goodies. "The Phrase That Pays" was (of course) excellent, which is good, since it is my favorite. They played one more song after that (I think), and then started one of the songs from the newest album. It sounded good and we were all having a blast. Now, it had been raining since about 3/4 of the way through The Cab's set, but not too hard. We'd seen maybe 2 lightning bolts, nothing out of the ordinary. So we were a little confused when all of a sudden, Bill Beckett started saying "stop stop stop" to everyone (the band and the folks in the crowd). The guy working at the fair then got on stage and told us that the show was OVER. Everyone went nuts. I seriously thought I was going to be stuck in the middle of a riot. People begged and pleaded, yelled, just stood around... nothing worked. I stayed a little while to help my friend find her shoe (she wore flip flops and one of them had fallen off)... but nothing happened. The security guards kicked everyone out.

Now, here's the part that really bothers me: Bill Beckett looked at the crowd and told us that TAI will be playing at... wait for it... SIX FLAGS in a week (or something soon like that). As much as I love Six Flags and TAI, I'm not going to spend $50 to see a show that I should have already seen for $10. I just don't have that kind of money. I seriously hope they do some kind of make-up show for us. I mean, we were out there, dancing our asses off in the RAIN, muddy and sweaty and disgusting, only to hear like... 4 songs. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed. (Mostly at the weather, somewhat also at the fair for kicking us off... screw the legal crap, lol... maybe a little at TAI, even though it's really not their fault at ALL.)

Ugh. I called The Boyfriend when we got back to my friend Maggie's house, and almost started crying. CRYING. I was soooo excited about this show. I made a t-shirt and worked on one for a friend. I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting for that day for MONTHS. I even started listening to The Cab more because I wanted to be prepared for the show. (The Cab is good, but not that good. Sorry Maggie, I know you want their bods, lol.)


Aaaaaanyway... last night turned out pretty well. I hung out with Maggie and our other friend, Lauryn, at Maggie's house. We "slept" over, which really meant we stayed up talking until 6am and then slept until 11am... haha. It was pretty fun. Let's just say... they know me really well now... hahaha. Yeah.

Here's to good music and good friends. ♥

Jul 16, 2009

I would like to post something tonight...

"But I am le tired."

Jul 13, 2009

Summer and I have a love/hate relationship...

I have my senior pictures today! It's so weird... I love and hate this feeling of growing up. I'm excited that I'm almost ready to go out on my own, get away from home and my parents... but at the same time, I have this extreme anxiety about not being ready. I'm only going to be 17 when I graduate! What if I really did need that one more year like everyone else? Plus, I have to get my license by August 1st, since I need to get a parking ticket for school. I also have to read my two books for summer reading (although I'm assuming that will be easy) and write the essay on the history book (not so sure about that one). On top of that, I have a college visit this Friday... which, I have to say, I'm pretty excited about, but still, there's that whole growing up thing again. I still need to set up my checking account and get th
e picture taken for my passport so that I can turn in my application, so that I'll be able to go on the France trip that I believe is already 1/2 paid for. Two weeks from now, I will be spending 4 days at school (8am-4pm, longer than school hours, even) with the boyfriend (was going to be my mom but she went and got a job... how lame) so that we can work our butts off in order that I may continue going to my school. It's a little thing called "work study" and I do it so that I can get financial aid, seeing as I go to a fairly expensive private school. That is not really something that I'm stressed about so much as not really looking forward to it. I am slightly worried that I will forget to pack my lunches. But... oh well, I can always make the boyfriend go get me a hot dog from the place down the street. Teehee, I'm spoiled.

That being said... I still love summer. It gives me time to relax (although I'm finding that rather hard to believe, looking at that list up there), time to myself, time to get tan (or just freckly), time to be with friends, family, and the boyfriend, time to swim, time to shop (or just wander aimlessly at the mall), time to make s'mores and camp out, and generally time to have a good amount of fun.

Time to talk about fun/happy things, eh?

I haven't seen the boyfriend in a whole WEEK! (I know, I'm spoiled... most people would not think that is a big deal, but for me, it is.) He's coming to pick me up for my senior pictures today, so I FINALLY get to see him! (He was at his cousin's house, which is like an hour away, for a few days and then at his dad's house for the weekend.) I am very excited, to say the least. There shall be many hugs. I have two very adorable outfits for senior pictures, one of which is brand new, fresh from the mall yesterday. Here are some peektures for you. :D

EDIT: SORRY ABOUT THE BAD LIGHTING AND FAIRLY BLURRY SHOTS AHEAD OF TIME. I WAS TOO LAZY TO MOVE ALL THIS CRAP OUT OF THIS ROOM WHERE IT ALREADY WAS. :D (Anyway, you get the general idea of what they are, so it shouldn't matter too much.)

Outfit #1: Green 1/2 length sleeved blouse from Charlotte Russe, most favorite pair of jeans (skinnies from... Zumiez?), black 20s/30s heels from... Sears? or Carson's.

Outfit #2: White cami (purely necessity, can't really see it), orange tee from Kohl's, White hoodie from Kohl's, golden necklace w/ beads & leaves on it from Kohl's, favorite jeans again, colorful Chuck Taylors (that I had to wash off so that they don't look so grungy).

Closer shot of the shoes

Closer shot of the necklace (which I will probably wrap around my neck twice - 1 long strand and 1 short)

Orson, my teddy bear that I've had since I was 2. My mommy wants me to at least take a couple shots with him as my prop, just because they would be cute. I agreed to do it because he has been with me through just about everything. He even went to the doctor with me once when I was little and I left him there over night on accident. I was so sad, but when went to pick him up, the lady that talked to us (I don't remember if she was a nurse/doctor/receptionist/whatever) said that he was very good but cried all night because he missed me so much. Sometimes, grownups are adorable.

So that is that. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to wear the heels with the first outfit. Might just stick with the Chucks for the whole shoot. Not even sure if my shoes will show up in any pictures.

What else? Well this has been a really long post so I will wrap it up by saying that my next post will be all about the rest of the fun things I'm going to do this summer.

For now, peace out, homies!

Jul 10, 2009


She's fine. :) She probably has an ulcer. Umm... yes. She came home from the hospital, as planned, the day after going in. Stayed home for the rest of the day and went to work the next day and now everything is back to normal.

My dad left yesterday morning to go on a camping trip with his brothers and his dad (and apparently some of his nephews, too, although 3 of the 4 brothers who did not bring their children were kinda mad about that). My mom and I spent last night... being really weird. We watched "Mr. Mom," which was cute, and it was really funny to see such a young Michael Keaton. Then we decided that we were hungry at 10:45pm. Too bad nothing is open but McDonald's... AND STEAK & SHAKE! So we went and got chocolate shakes and cheese fries. Sooooo healthy, right? RIGHT. When we got home, we got all weird. I think the chocolate made us insane because I just started spacing out and we were laughing at our mutual inability to speak in sentences. I once tried to tell her that "the garlic smells like fridge."

Anyway, we were still awake, so we decided to pick another movie from OnDemand. Found one called "The Song Spinner." I have to tell you, if you would like to laugh your butt off at a horrible movie, "The Song Spinner" may be the one for you. It's basically about this little "kingdom" that has outlawed music and loud noises (but apparently talking is okay because it somehow does not disturb silence). This lady and this little girl meet, and the lady shows the girl music, and the girl is set on making everyone like music and change the law and blah. My most favorite part of the whole movie is when the girl shows the music machine (also called a "song spinner," which basically is like a music box but the turning key is on the top in the middle instead of the back/bottom). At first he covers his ears, but then the girl gives him the key (for the song spinner) that apparently makes you speak truth (golden lasso, much?) and she asks him what his heart thinks and he says, "My heart thinks... that there's a rainbow in my ears!" At this point in the movie, my mom had fallen asleep, and I started cracking up and she woke up b/c of me, but it was so so so funny... geez. What a gem of a film.

*Awkward topic shift* so my sister and I both have ps3s, and we were both "walking around" in the Playstation Home thing, which is basically a giant, animated chat room, where you can walk an avatar around and stuff. Minigames here and there. Whatever. So she and I were talking, and we kept getting hit on by random guys (not abnormal on PSHome). So I'm like "Basically, people calling each other hot in here should be saying, 'I like yo pixels.'" And she and I laughed about it and then every time someone called us "hot" or something along those lines, I'd say that I liked their pixels. Some got it and laughed, some were like "whaaa?" and left. Gooood times.

I don't have anything else to say goodnight!

Jul 5, 2009

I haven't posted in THREE DAYS.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mother puking. I listened from my bed for a couple of minutes (my room is right across the hall from the bathroom), door closed, blankets still covering my face. I then heard the light turn off and footsteps. I figured that my mom had the flu and was returning to the couch in the living room. Moments later, I heard my mom again, moaning in pain. It sounded like the noise you make when you gag but can't puke, so I figured she probably just needed some crackers or water. I then heard my dad walk down the hall and walk... into the office, to talk to her. She was in the office? He asked if she needed ginger ale or crackers, and she said,

"No, I can't drink anything because it hurts... I think I'm dehydrated though."

My dad then asked, "Do I need to take you to the hospital?" My mom answered him in a groan. Moments later, he was knocking on my door, telling me that he and mom were off to the hospital and that he'd call once they knew what was going on. My mom asked me to call my grandpa and aunt and cancel their brunch today, and to say that she had the flu. (So basically she told me to lie to them, but probably so that they wouldn't freak out. I did exactly as she said.)

My mom and dad left, and I was home alone... for 1, 2, 3 hours. Finally, I called my dad. No answer. He texted me back an hour after that, saying that my mom had an intestinal infection. He would be back soon and would need help packing an overnight bag for my mom. The hospital wanted to keep her there overnight? After a while, my dad came back and we packed a bag. He hopped onto his motorcycle and brought the bag to my mom at the hospital. My dad came back about an hour later. I'd called my mom while he was gone, and she told me that it might, in fact, be an ulcer and not an infection, but the doctors needed to do a test to figure that out. She said she would let us know when they figured it out.

My dad and I had planned to go to a rib festival nearby today, and since my mom wasn't going to go anyway, we decided we still would. We took the boyfriend, and the three of us went to the fest. I ate 2 different kinds of ribs. The boyfriend decided to try these ribs with "atomic" sauce on them. I tried one tiny finger-tip of the sauce and my tonge feels kind of dead in the middle now. Taste buds are basically fried for a day or two. I did not have any more of that sauce... actually I went and got some Dippin' Dots immediately after because it hurt so much.

Anyway, the ribs were good good good, and I also had a deep-fried Milky Way. Yaaaay unhealthy food! They are delicious. You should try one sometime... oh, and fried pickles.

Got home at around 9:30 and called my mom. No answer. I'm guessing she was asleep.

I showed the boyfriend the demo for inFAMOUS that I'd downloaded and played today on ps3. It's AMAZING. I want it. Such a cool looking game.

He left and now I'm here, blogging. I guess that's all there is.

Oh and happy late 4th of July (aka happy 5th of July, lol). I went to the fireworks, as usual, with my dad, but we decided to meet up with the boyfriend and his parents, so that was fun. I got too many mosquito bites, though... and ON MY FOREHEAD, no less. :(

So yeah, that's my life as of today. I'll post any updates about my mom. She's supposed to come home tomorrow.

Peace out, kiddos.

Jul 2, 2009

I have nothing to blog about today?

Go read some webcomics... I only read 8 so I have no link for the letter "s." So sorry. Find one for me? :D

Jul 1, 2009



I watched Dirty Harry today with the boyfriend and two of his friends, who are dating each other. That is a great movie, although I found Scorpio kind of ridiculous. I'm not even sure if that is a bad thing, though... I don't think so. He was just actin' like a crazy guy.

And then at the part where *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* he went "AHHHH" like a girl and made a fish face and we all started laughing.

I don't have anything else to say. Peace.