Apr 6, 2009

I like to wear skinny jeans. You don't need to know why.

I'm recently addicted to Death Cab for Cutie's "Narrow Stairs" album. I never realized how great of a band they are. Maybe they really aren't that great but I just have mediocre taste. Oh well, it works for me. Listen to what you like most, right?

Also, you should probably check out French Kicks sometime. "Cloche" has to be my favorite song of theirs. Jangley guitars just make me want to get up and shake around a little.

Anyway, enough of my random music chatter. Maybe I should just make a post of all the bands I like and my favorite song by them at some point... IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER! Bahaha. I'll save that for a time that I don't know what to blog about, though. For now, on to other things.

The boyfriend came over tonight. Today was just one of those days that I could not be around him enough. I didn't want to let him go at all. It's not like we've gone long without seeing each other, or that I had a bad day or anything like that. I just really wanted to be with him today. I couldn't let him go when he had to leave... I just kept putting myself between him and his car so that he'd hug me again in order to move me. Sometimes I'm just weird like that. I'm glad that he actually likes my weirdness. Some people think I'm just a freak, I think.

We officially started independent reading projects in English today! I'm doing a book club with a few friends about The Princess Bride! :D Admittedly, I've already read about 250 of the 400-ish pages, but I've been holding off reading until this project just so that I could use it. The only requirements for the book is that it is at least 100 pages (easy) and by an American author, since that's kind of the theme of Junior English. Freshman year was classics (Beowulf, Romeo and Juliet, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc.), Sophomore year was Brit lit, this year is American lit, and next year there are options! Either AP, or Contemporary Lit or Shakespeare for a lit class, and then Creative writing or Writing Workshop as a writing class. I'm taking Shakespeare and Creative Writing. (Surprise, right?)

Anyway, if you didn't already know this, my FAVORITE movie of all time is The Princess Bride, and the book is (so far) BETTER. I can't put it into words. The movie really sticks true to the book, too, which is nice. I'm really excited about this project. We're also starting the poetry unit! Yay! :)

I want to go to bed right now so that I'm still feeling warm and fuzzy from the snuggle-fest tonight, so I will get going.


I busted out my dad's 35mm SLR camera today. It's a Ricoh! lol. I have no idea if that is any good but that is what it is. I haven't used it for like 2 years, but there were 2 unused rolls of film in my camera bag so I used them up getting readjusted to the camera and taking pictures of the kitchen and the boyfriend, mostly. I'm hoping to get back into film photography. Also I remembered that we have this:

As far as I know, this camera is (at its oldest) from 1917. (There's a list of patents on the inside of the back cover but I didn't want to try and take that off again today... my dad and the boyfriend had to work together to pry it off. The latest date on the list was from 1917.) It looks like it takes 116 film which no longer exists (thank you, google) but it's possible to use 120 film or adapt 620 film for it (thanks again, google). 120 film is cheaper, so I'm thinking about getting some and trying it out. The controls are pretty simple from what I can see, although there is no light meter, a luxury I've taken for granted ever since I started getting into photography.

Sorry if that last chunk was really boring. I just get excited about stuff like this sometimes. It's probably fleeting, unfortunately.

It's now an hour since I've started this post. I want to sleep now! Bye!

p.s. Can you find the picture within this picture?
(I'm gonna try and make this work better during the daytime when I have better light.)