Mar 25, 2009

It loved to happen.

I took this picture on my 14th birthday (which was January 8th, 2006, in case you wanted to know. I was a wittle freshman! haha). At the time, I had no idea what the phrase meant. I just knew that I liked it. I liked that someone had taken the time to etch these words into the sidewalk that I was now walking on, there for everyone to see. I liked that it wasn't placed anywhere big or significant, just something you'd notice if you glanced down at a particular moment. I liked that I saw it when I was with two of my best friends in the world.

I looked up the phrase today. It's attributed to someone named Marcus Aurelius. I looked him up on Wikipedia, and I guess he was one of the "Five Good Emperors" of Rome. I'm not sure where/when he said (or wrote) the phrase.

No one seems to have a definitive answer as to what "it loved to happen" means, however it seems like it means "it was inevitable." But... there's something deeper behind it. Whatever it is that happened... it REALLY happened. It happened with so much effort, and it loved happening. This thing was not preventable. I guess we could say this about a lot of things in life, good and bad. It could be applied to something sad or unpleasant, like wars that had no other way out. But I like to use it in the positive way. It just works better in my mind.

For example, my best friend in the world is awesome. She is funny, smart, creative, and just overall a great person to be around. And I just so happen to live across the street from her. I met her when I was two years old, right after I moved in. Our meeting didn't just happen, it loved to happen. I believe 100% that there is no possible way I wouldn't have met her, because I know there is a reason she's in my life. No one could have been a better best friend for me.

So I wonder if anyone else has their own take on this, or if they've got their own situations that loved to happen. I'd love to know.

One last thing...

Jenny: Oh I love your dress, but what kind of material is it made of?
Laura: It's dectefea, a hybrid between lace and silk. It's all the rage in the fashion world, these days.

(Yeah, that one was kinda lame.)

Hoping that something in your life has loved to happen,

p.s. Do you have keychains on your keys? And if so, which is your favorite? Mine is between my story of Chuck Taylor and my little wooden guy wearing a hat.