Apr 16, 2009


Ummm... yeah, this is my prom/banquet
dress. It looks better when I'm wearing it, but I don't have a picture of that at the moment so you'll just have to DEAL. :)

Battle of the Bands was good except for the fact that one guy ruined a perfectly good Danger Radio song and another guy ruined a song by NeverShoutNever. :[ I like them (sometimes). But it was still good, and lots of fun. The boyfriend's friends' band won for most people there to see them (there was a running tally for who was there to see which band) and then they ALSO won overall when the judges voted. So that was sweet. They deserve it, considering the fact that they are awesome and all.

Hum. I think I should do my biology homework. Night, kids.


Basically my entire weekend has gone from one plan to another plan to an entirely different plan.

Originally, I was gonna go to the lock-in at my school on Friday night (9pm to 6am). Then, I would be sleeping for most of Saturday and homework/etc. on Sunday.

Yesterday, when the whole prom confusion happened, I decided not to go to the lock-in so that I wouldn't be exhausted at prom from staying up literally all night just before it. I was just going to go sleep over and watch movies at my friend Maggie's house.

I just got a call from my boyfriend telling me that the prom isn't until May 1. WTF? Evidently, his school does not know how to update their website. So now I could go to the lock-in, but it's an extra $5 to get a ticket tomorrow on top of the extra $5 from paying after Tuesday which was originally $15 (what I'm trying to say is that it would cost me $25...). I'm not willing to pay that much for a lock-in, so I guess I'm not going to that. =/

Sometimes, I just wish boys understood that they need to ask people straight-forward about what they think about something (in my case, going to prom... evidently the boyfriend thought I "didn't want to go") and then PLAN AHEAD. I don't like having my schedule rearranged like this, especially since all the stuff is time-sensitive.

Anyway, I should stop complaining. I'm still going to prom. I still have an absolutely AWESOME dress.

[just imagine there's a picture here of a pretty dress... this site is being stupid and not letting me upload one right now... I'll try to get one up later.]

Battle of the Bands for the boyfriend's school is tonight, so I must be off.