Aug 4, 2009

I'm going to try for my license today. Can't say I'm 100% confident, but I think I'll get it. From what I've heard, the test is easy and short, so all I have to do is not screw up too badly. I know you're allowed 2 minor problems, which I'm assuming means like forgetting to signal or stopping past a stop sign, but I'm not really sure. You automatically fail if you go over the solid line in the middle or if you hit the curb, or if you do anything really illegal or dangerous. Obviously hitting another car means failure unless it was the other driver's fault. I think I can do this... I'm a good driver, even in my mom's car, which pulls side to side if you don't pay enough attention to it. I don't have to parallel park or do a 3-point turn, so I should be safe. I know how to turn, park (...sorta), read signs, and all that basic stuff, so I SHOULD be okay.

Excuse the above paragraph, it was mostly so that I could assure myself that I will be okay.

I promised The Boyfriend that the first place I would drive with my license would be to his house. Regardless of whether or not I get my license today, I'm still going to see him because he and I are going to a jazz concert tonight. More specifically, it's his father's jazz band that's playing, so that should be fun. I'm not a huge fan of jazz, but it's okay, and I always have a good time with The Boyfriend, so yeah.

Going to the dunes was a blast, even though the sun didn't show until about 5 minutes before we left. We still got to swim and climb up one of the dunes and bury The Boyfriend in the sand, so overall it was a wonderful trip. I have discovered that The Boyfriend is not that great of a driver, but he's good enough I guess. He also has a big enough vehicle that getting into an accident wouldn't really be all that bad. lol.

Family came over on Sunday. My uncle and aunt came, and three of their sons, who brought their wives/girlfriends as well as their children. Adding all of them up, it came to twelve people, plus myself, my parents, The Boyfriend and his mom, two of my sisters and their fellas, and my grandpa, which gave us a whopping 22 people. Two of my cousins and their attachments left after about an hour, which cut out 6 people, but still, it was a lot. We had lots of yummy food. We even MADE beef jerky! (My oldest sister gave our dad a dehydrator for his birthday, which was the 29th.) Yummmmm. Homemade jerky is the BEST. I can't wait to try drying some fruit. Dried mangoes are my favorite.

I guess that's really all I've got to talk about. I'll post later with an update about my license, maybe.