Jun 8, 2009

Today... wow.

Mom and I went through some of the boxes in the basement. All of it was present wrapping stuff (boxes, bows, paper, etc.), so that was no fun but it didn't take long.

Dad came home and took me to my friend's house.

We spent (I think) about 3 hours trying to pick a movie to watch. We settled on Sweeny Todd, but then stopped watching that after about 5 minutes. Then, we started watching Equilibrium, and stopped after about 15 (horribly boring) minutes. After that, we picked Jesus Camp (that documentary about some kids in a charismatic church), and watched about 10 minutes of that before being creeped out enough to stop watching.

Finally, we settled on the Onion Movie (as in the Onion News), which was fun. I ended up leaving before the end, but that was fine because there wasn't much of a plotline, anyway.

The only thing that really stood out tonight was the fact that my friend's brother was actually NICE to me... He kept talking to me in little chunks, and my friend (his sister, duh), but not very much of it was us making fun of each other... we were just nice... well... nice and then later he hit on me. Here's how it went down:

Me: Am I sleeping over?
Friend: I dunno. I kind of want to sleep tonight.
Me: Like when?
Friend: Like 10... that's in an hour.
Me: I think I'll go home then, I want to stay up later.
Friend's brother: You can stay over tonight. *smile*
Me: ...
Friend: You've already dated one of my friends, you can't have another one.
Friend's brother: Well I'll only be here for three more weeks, anyway. *wink smile point*
Me: ...Ok now I am thoroughly creeped out.

So in writing it does not look as weird as it felt to me... but I dunno. It was just strange. I am probably making a mountain out of a molehill but I can't shake the feeling like maybe he was not kidding 100%. Maybe only 95% joke, 5% serious.