May 3, 2010

Don't be lame. Ask me questions. DUH. :D

Mirthful Monday #5

Hey, kids.

I've posted some jokes and some things I find funny, but today I'd like to post something that just makes me smile. It might seem really cheesy, but it's a great site and it definitely resonates with me. The site is called 1000 Awesome Things. You've probably/maybe heard of it. Basically, the person who writes it writes about things in life that are... well... awesome. For example, a recent entry on this site is all about dancing when you're home alone. I consider this to be a very awesome thing. I think the writer started at 1000 and is counting down... I wonder what will happen once he reaches 1... maybe he'll just start over. Here's to hoping that Neil (the writer) never runs out of awesome things to write about, and also to your Monday getting a little bit better. :)