May 1, 2010

Self Centered Saturday #5

Hello all!

I started a formspring account a while ago. It's that website where people ask you questions (anonymously or not) and then you answer (or choose not to answer if it's stupid). If you wanna ask me a question, here be the URL: .

My friend Maggie had her birthday party here last night. It was lots of fun. :) I think she enjoyed herself. Happy 19th on Monday, Mags! Love ya!

I STILL haven't watched Parenthood this week. I'm a nice girlfriend and have waited to watch it until The Boyfriend and I could watch it together. Hopefully, that will be today. Waiting is driving me CRAZY. I like that show a lot.

There are officially 3 weeks of high school left for me. After those 3 weeks, I'll have 3 days of finals, then 5 days of a senior trip, and then graduation. Oh my gosh. This is crazy. I honestly can't believe I'm almost done with high school. I can guarantee I'm going to start bawling at graduation... I almost started crying today when my mom and I were talking about it. Wow.

Not much else to say. By the way, how are you all feeling about high school? If you're like me, are you going to miss it? If you're still a junior or below, how's it going? If you're out of high school, what was it like to leave and go to college/life/etc?