Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

I baked a heart-shaped cake yesterday. The problem is that I had no eggs, so I had to find an egg-less recipe and it turned out OK but also kind of gross. I dunno. I put some icing on it (coffee flavored but I can't even taste the coffee, which is fine I guess) but I did it when the cake was too hot (told ya, mom) so it kinda separated so it looks like I barfed all over the cake (did I mention that I made the icing pink?). I put sprinkles on top to make it less ugly but it's still pretty bad... I hope it tastes okay.

I'm feeling resourceful so I'll probably end up making something today... just not sure what, yet. I think I feel like coloring so maybe I'll print out something and color it for The Boyfriend, like a storybook page or something. (Yes, it sounds REALLY stupid but it would be fun and I think he'd find it cute.)

Anyone have any big plans for today? Valentine's or Single's Appreciation Day, I mean. (I celebrated that my sophomore and freshman years of HS.)

Peace out, kiddos.