Apr 30, 2009


I know I keep posting way too much but I was wondering...

anyone use AIM? If yes, want to give me your screenname? We could talk and stuff.

Maggie showed me today that you can get onto this website from the school computers. Most blogging/"social networking" sites are blocked for various reasons, but somehow this one has fallen through the cracks. Teeheehee. :3

Prom is tomorrow! Huzzah!

Related (to the huzzah): I changed my language on Facebook from English to PIRATE ENGLISH! :D It's super fun but I've managed to get lost a couple of times. It still makes me happy, though. Super funtimes, yo.

I discovered a couple of days ago that I can make my phone make this funny noise when I open and close it. I've been showing it off to everyone.

Have I mentioned that prom is tomorrow? :D I should probably charge my camera and paint my nails and shave my legs and make sure I know how I'm doing my hair and that I know where my nylons and my black Converse are. BUT BESIDES THAT, NBD.

I think maybe I'll play Sims tonight. Not sure. I haven't played in a week or so. Booh! I should maybe hop onto Fiesta (mmorpg that I used to play obsessively but it's starting to fizzle out of my life again) to make sure everyone knows I'm not dead. *sigh* I feel bad that I don't play too often anymore. It's fun, but not when you're too high of a level to be able to level up in less than 2 days of relaxed playing. =/
*end nerdrant*

OMGEEZ MAGGIE'S 18th BIRTHDAY IS ON SUNDAY! We're celebrating over lunch tomorrow (and maybe partying later on? Maggie- you should do something big! If you want, of course. Heehee)! So that should be fun. I got her a couple of things that I hope she will like. ;]

Oh and after lunch, I dunno if I've said this already, but I'll be getting ready and then going to prom! Wootsauce.

Tomorrow is a halfday, which means that we'll have 30 minute classes. It's gonna be super hectic, though. I have to disect a crayfish in bio! :[ Not that I mind the disection, just the time limit. And then I'm guessing test correction crap in Trig, and then in English we have a test thing, and after those I think I am home free. Computer Apps, French and Study Hall are generally stress-free periods. :]

So yeah. Crazytime, then birthday celebrations for Maggie, then prom! Lots of stuff happening but it'll be funfunfun. I'm so excited!

That's all for now.