Apr 18, 2009

The boyfriend *might* not be able to get off of work on prom night... after he's already bought tickets AND I've already bought a dress. :[ Not to mention the fact that I really want to go... bleh.

To make matters worse, I think I'm going into some weird state of depression again. I just can't be happy and stay that way for very long. Not that much is happening. Maybe I'm just literally bored to tears. I don't even know.

I've got my first sunburn of the year. Woot. Walked around DT Wheaties (I don't expect you to know what that means unless you are one of my local friends) yesterday and then today I did some yardwork and I wore a tube top so as to not get weird tan lines for ... well. there it is again, prom. I can't escape.

I feel like complete and total crap. I don't even know what's wrong. I got pissed off at my mom today because she was laughing at the fact that I'm not very good at 3-point turns. I mean, she's my MOTHER. She's not supposed to laugh at me and make fun of me. It's not right. Instead of going to another neighborhood to work more on them (instead of just mine and the neighbor's driveways), I just went inside the house, into my room, watched "She's All That" and then took a nap. My mom woke me up from my nap about an hour ago asking if I was okay or if I was just taking a nap. I think she thought I was like sick or something. Maybe she was thinking that I was upset and that she should try to fix it. Yeah, right. Well, either way, she didn't do anything once I told her I'd just been taking a nap.

No more than 2 seconds after that, the boyfriend called because we'd been texting and he knew I was having a bad day. He thinks I think I can't come to him with problems. The truth is that I only come to him with problems when I know he's not busy. By busy, I mean at his dad's house (parents are divorced), at school, at a friend's house, about to hang out with his mom, and so on. He thinks I should just call him so that at least we can talk. What he fails to realize is that most of the time, all I need is a hug. And when he's out and about, he can't give me that. So instead of making him sad thinking about me being sad, I just don't tell him. I guess I've been kind of "standoffish" because of it lately. I can't help it that he's been incredibly busy. The last two times I've tried to hang out with him b/c I was in a bad mood (those being today and... 2 weekends ago?), he's been doing something with other people. He doesn't just drop plans for me, and that's fine, but he can't claim that he's always there for me when he's not. It's not realistic. I just wish people could be a little more realistic sometimes.

Ugh, this post is too long. I'm gonna play Sims.