Jul 25, 2009

It's been too long, kids. :(

Sooo... what is up in Norah land?

Last night, I was supposed to see The Cab and The Academy Is... at the county fair. I was SUPER excited. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I seriously was running around, jumping, whatever. So yeah, we got to the show (about 2 hours early, and still didn't get to be in front). We waited. My foot went numb from sitting on it. (They made us sit for some reason.) The show started. The Cab was excellent, I must say. But, I have to admit, I was really there to see TAI. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. They're definitely in my top 5. Anyway, The Cab got done, and we waited a little more. TAI started playing, and got through a couple of goodies. "The Phrase That Pays" was (of course) excellent, which is good, since it is my favorite. They played one more song after that (I think), and then started one of the songs from the newest album. It sounded good and we were all having a blast. Now, it had been raining since about 3/4 of the way through The Cab's set, but not too hard. We'd seen maybe 2 lightning bolts, nothing out of the ordinary. So we were a little confused when all of a sudden, Bill Beckett started saying "stop stop stop" to everyone (the band and the folks in the crowd). The guy working at the fair then got on stage and told us that the show was OVER. Everyone went nuts. I seriously thought I was going to be stuck in the middle of a riot. People begged and pleaded, yelled, just stood around... nothing worked. I stayed a little while to help my friend find her shoe (she wore flip flops and one of them had fallen off)... but nothing happened. The security guards kicked everyone out.

Now, here's the part that really bothers me: Bill Beckett looked at the crowd and told us that TAI will be playing at... wait for it... SIX FLAGS in a week (or something soon like that). As much as I love Six Flags and TAI, I'm not going to spend $50 to see a show that I should have already seen for $10. I just don't have that kind of money. I seriously hope they do some kind of make-up show for us. I mean, we were out there, dancing our asses off in the RAIN, muddy and sweaty and disgusting, only to hear like... 4 songs. Needless to say, I'm pretty pissed. (Mostly at the weather, somewhat also at the fair for kicking us off... screw the legal crap, lol... maybe a little at TAI, even though it's really not their fault at ALL.)

Ugh. I called The Boyfriend when we got back to my friend Maggie's house, and almost started crying. CRYING. I was soooo excited about this show. I made a t-shirt and worked on one for a friend. I'd been waiting and waiting and waiting for that day for MONTHS. I even started listening to The Cab more because I wanted to be prepared for the show. (The Cab is good, but not that good. Sorry Maggie, I know you want their bods, lol.)


Aaaaaanyway... last night turned out pretty well. I hung out with Maggie and our other friend, Lauryn, at Maggie's house. We "slept" over, which really meant we stayed up talking until 6am and then slept until 11am... haha. It was pretty fun. Let's just say... they know me really well now... hahaha. Yeah.

Here's to good music and good friends. ♥