Nov 3, 2009

EDIT: New post up in the "Art Blog." It's a STORY! :D


I was a girl form of Frankenstein's monster, or a bride of Frankenstein, or a goth zombie, or some form of combination. I was undead. My outfit was freakishly awesome, but right now I have no pictures so I cannot show you how awesome it was.

Anyway, I went to this farm/fair type place with a bunch of my pals for a little bit but it was just TOO COLD to stay there. We went back to my house and planned while waiting for a few others to arrive and to give the few who were dead-set on Trick or Treating a chance to go get some free candy. At this point, The Boyfriend and I were back together but hadn't told anyone because we wanted to surprise them when we were all together... so yes, more on that later. Once everyone was together (minus one couple who met up with us waaay later), we decided to go glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing at the mall. We made it through something like 20 holes out of the 54 before giving up and skipping to the last. I won a free game! Yay!

After that, we all went to Chili's (still in costume) for dinner, where our last 2 pals finally met up with us. We got our food and the 3 of us who had gone to elementary school together realized that our 2nd grade teacher was sitting at the table next to us, but I guess she didn't recognize us. Oh well. Anyway, we were all eating dinner and having fun, when The Boyfriend turned to me and asked "Should we do it now?" and I nodded, and while about 1/2 the table was looking, he pulled me over to him and kissed me in front of everyone. The people who'd seen it were gaping and then whispered it to the people who had missed it, who all gave a collective groan of disappointment. The girls then got up and asked if I needed to go to the bathroom, which of course "I did" and so we all went and I told them the story.

They were enthused, and I was enthused, and we all jumped around and screamed in the bathroom for a moment before going back to our table.

When we got back, it was time to pay the bill and leave. We all went back to my house and watched 28 Days Later (which was awful and made me want to barf because of the cinematography) and then everyone went home. Another successful Halloween.

So yes, there was my Halloween, lots of fun and such.

As an aside, apparently my friend Kyle (the one I went on that date with... the one who I now find REALLY annoying) apparently was disturbed by the fact that The Boyfriend and I got back together and made it known to the two friends who he drove with on the way back to my house from Chili's. He decided it was a good idea to pass judgment on my relationship in front of a really close friend of mine, who of course told me about it today when I saw her. I made it known to him that he should not say things like that in front of the girls because we will all end up knowing... it really was a lesson he needed to learn, so eh... We'll see how things go tomorrow... I'm pondering not talking to him, but who knows. I haven't decided how big a deal it should be yet, haha. Probably not too big.

Anywho, that's my story.