Jul 5, 2009

I haven't posted in THREE DAYS.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my mother puking. I listened from my bed for a couple of minutes (my room is right across the hall from the bathroom), door closed, blankets still covering my face. I then heard the light turn off and footsteps. I figured that my mom had the flu and was returning to the couch in the living room. Moments later, I heard my mom again, moaning in pain. It sounded like the noise you make when you gag but can't puke, so I figured she probably just needed some crackers or water. I then heard my dad walk down the hall and walk... into the office, to talk to her. She was in the office? He asked if she needed ginger ale or crackers, and she said,

"No, I can't drink anything because it hurts... I think I'm dehydrated though."

My dad then asked, "Do I need to take you to the hospital?" My mom answered him in a groan. Moments later, he was knocking on my door, telling me that he and mom were off to the hospital and that he'd call once they knew what was going on. My mom asked me to call my grandpa and aunt and cancel their brunch today, and to say that she had the flu. (So basically she told me to lie to them, but probably so that they wouldn't freak out. I did exactly as she said.)

My mom and dad left, and I was home alone... for 1, 2, 3 hours. Finally, I called my dad. No answer. He texted me back an hour after that, saying that my mom had an intestinal infection. He would be back soon and would need help packing an overnight bag for my mom. The hospital wanted to keep her there overnight? After a while, my dad came back and we packed a bag. He hopped onto his motorcycle and brought the bag to my mom at the hospital. My dad came back about an hour later. I'd called my mom while he was gone, and she told me that it might, in fact, be an ulcer and not an infection, but the doctors needed to do a test to figure that out. She said she would let us know when they figured it out.

My dad and I had planned to go to a rib festival nearby today, and since my mom wasn't going to go anyway, we decided we still would. We took the boyfriend, and the three of us went to the fest. I ate 2 different kinds of ribs. The boyfriend decided to try these ribs with "atomic" sauce on them. I tried one tiny finger-tip of the sauce and my tonge feels kind of dead in the middle now. Taste buds are basically fried for a day or two. I did not have any more of that sauce... actually I went and got some Dippin' Dots immediately after because it hurt so much.

Anyway, the ribs were good good good, and I also had a deep-fried Milky Way. Yaaaay unhealthy food! They are delicious. You should try one sometime... oh, and fried pickles.

Got home at around 9:30 and called my mom. No answer. I'm guessing she was asleep.

I showed the boyfriend the demo for inFAMOUS that I'd downloaded and played today on ps3. It's AMAZING. I want it. Such a cool looking game.

He left and now I'm here, blogging. I guess that's all there is.

Oh and happy late 4th of July (aka happy 5th of July, lol). I went to the fireworks, as usual, with my dad, but we decided to meet up with the boyfriend and his parents, so that was fun. I got too many mosquito bites, though... and ON MY FOREHEAD, no less. :(

So yeah, that's my life as of today. I'll post any updates about my mom. She's supposed to come home tomorrow.

Peace out, kiddos.