Mar 22, 2009

I know I know, too many posts in one day.

I just wanted to tell you that you should check out Bear & Kitten. That's a link to the first strip. It's a webcomic. It's adorable. It's hilarious. And it is STRANGE. :D I likes it.

Seriously though, if you think it's one of those cutesy websites with pictures of small furry animals, you're wrong. The artwork is cute, yes... but the story is just... hahaha yes.

Just check it out, okay?

While you're at it, why not tell me if you like webcomics? And if so, which do you like? And if not, would you like me to recommend some? I read a few.

With a hearty pat on the shoulder,

p.s. Yep, I am procrastinating on that laundry folding. Gahhh.
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I just finished all my English homework.
(All being two whole assignments, but still, I'm happy!)

Gonna go fold some of that laundry now. Oh joy.

Hopefully teh boyfriend is coming over tonight. Keep your fingers crossed for me, kids. I miss him a lot. :(

With a shimmy and a shake,

p.s. I just realized that I could be entirely profane in this blog and NO ONE would ever know because NO ONE I know reads this. Well... my friend Maggie might... she can if she wants to, but she's the only one who's got the link. So... maybe I will swear sometimes, if the mood strikes.
It's official. I have WAY too many close clothes. Let me break it down for you.

Load 1- Jeans. Yep, an ENTIRE load of jeans (plus one pair of corduroys).
Load 2- Blues and greens.
Load 3- Blacks and dark grays
Load 4- Whites, light grays, and socks that aren't blue, black, or red.
Load 5 (to be washed next, since the whites are in now)- Reds, Browns, and Oranges.
Load 6- Everything else (basically stuff that got leftover when I was making my color loads plus things I couldn't figure out the right category for).

SIX LOADS OF LAUNDRY? At least it's all stuff that I actually wear... I do plan on going through all of this and pulling out at least 1 box worth of goodwill giveaways. Maybe more? Also, it should be noted that I put off doing laundry until I have absolutely NO clean clothes left.

Like you really want to know about my laundry situation... oh well. Sadly, this is probably the most interesting part of my weekend.

Good news is that I already know what I'm going to wear on Thursday! (The other days of the week, who cares? Thursday's the important one.)

Wishes of a non-laundry consumed life,

p.s. I FINISHED PAINTING MY KNEE-HIGH CONVERSE! (I think... who knows, I might do like a million more things to them...) Pictures to come soon. :D All I have to say is that I think they're pretty sweet and I don't care if other people think that they are absolutely horrendous because I really really like them a lot. So there. :P