May 20, 2009

Not much to report, once again.

For the past three days, I have been, for the most part, happy. It's been incredible. The only thing today that made me sad was reading the blog about my friend's family member (the one who is essentially dying, I posted about it recently). The blog itself is very encouraging. It's all about him, and how even though this mystery disease is changing everything about him, mentally especially, some things still stay the same, like how he is very warm and welcoming to people. The thing that made me sad was how I realize I don't spend enough time making sure the people I care about know how much I love them. Sometimes I just take them for granted, which is stupid beyond belief. Sometimes, even though I can be perfectly nice, I act out for the smallest reasons (even yesterday, I was being a grouch to the boyfriend with absolutely no good reason). Sometimes, I just neglect to say what I feel. In any case, I'm realizing more with every passing day that I should be making the most of this life, and that includes making sure that people know I love and care about them.


In other news, I am absolutely DETERMINED to get working on the comic with the boyfriend soon. I want to at least get a basic plotline down so that I can start writing strips so that he can start drawing them, but we never can seem to plan very well. I know part of it is how busy we've both been with school, so hopefully the summer will be helpful in that sense. I really want this comic to work. I think it could be incredible.

I guess there's not much else to say for the time being.

OH WAIT. I thought my ps3 was broken today, because it just showed this wave that goes across the screen (it's the main background) but no menus or anything, so I was freaking out... I tried restarting it and unplugging/replugging it and nothing worked. Then, I decided that maybe Google had an answer for me, and you know what, it did! I guess I just had to restore the file system, but I didn't know how to do that before and now I do.

Anyway, I'm really really for reals done now.

Have a nice night/day/etc., peoples!