Feb 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

I baked a heart-shaped cake yesterday. The problem is that I had no eggs, so I had to find an egg-less recipe and it turned out OK but also kind of gross. I dunno. I put some icing on it (coffee flavored but I can't even taste the coffee, which is fine I guess) but I did it when the cake was too hot (told ya, mom) so it kinda separated so it looks like I barfed all over the cake (did I mention that I made the icing pink?). I put sprinkles on top to make it less ugly but it's still pretty bad... I hope it tastes okay.

I'm feeling resourceful so I'll probably end up making something today... just not sure what, yet. I think I feel like coloring so maybe I'll print out something and color it for The Boyfriend, like a storybook page or something. (Yes, it sounds REALLY stupid but it would be fun and I think he'd find it cute.)

Anyone have any big plans for today? Valentine's or Single's Appreciation Day, I mean. (I celebrated that my sophomore and freshman years of HS.)

Peace out, kiddos.

Feb 10, 2010

This writing group thing is insane.

Two weeks ago, I pretended to be Malena Mörling.
Last week, I pretended to be Walt Whitman.
This week, I'm pretending to be Ko Un.
Next week, I think I will pretend to be Louise Glück.

Then, hopefully, I'll pretend to be me... Err, I mean I will be me. ;)

In all seriousness, I'm loving it so far! It's awesome!!!

Feb 7, 2010

So Anders Loves Maria ended. :( Sad day. (Don't worry, that link goes to the very first one so you don't have to worry about spoilers if you're interested in reading it.)

The Superbowl is today... which is pretty fun, since I'll see all my friends and we will watch 10 Things I Hate About You, the same as every year. It's funny to think that I was there when that tradition started and... in a way, the tradition ends today. It's not like we'll be able to get together on Superbowl Sunday anymore... maybe after college. I hope so. I guess I'll just say that the tradition will be postponed after today.

What else? I'm surprising The Boyfriend by taking him to ______ __ _____ for Valentine's Day. (If you want to know, IM/facebook/whatever me, since I don't know if he has the link to this and I don't want to risk it.)

I hung out with my friend John yesterday. It was a lot of fun. We went to lunch at Steak & Shake and then back to my house to play ODST. We made inside jokes (crap-pie/seepage and leakage) and have decided we HAVE to keep hanging out. Also he made my couch smell good, haha.

Went to see Up In the Air last night. It was decent but not amazing. The acting was Oscar-worthy but the movie itself was relatively average.

Crazy Writing Project is over. It was difficult but fun. I'm thinking I'm going to come up with new CWPs from time to time and keep them in the same notebook.

Nothing else interesting to speak of. Peace out.

p.s. I forgot to mention that the tree in my front yard got cut down yesterday. I was/am really upset. I was thinking it over, and I believe it made me so sad because it's the one thing in my life that's never changed. It's always been there and it's the only thing that's remained stable for me. I could count on it. But now it's gone and that's that.