Apr 21, 2009

I just felt like saying this.

I love cosplaying.
My English teacher wants me to read something at the coffee house on Friday. I'm either gonna write something new or read something I've already written. I get extra credit! Yay!

I think I get extra credit for doing something in French, too, since it's the Paris-themed coffee house this time. My idea is that I might write something in English and then translate it into French and read both. haha. Best of both worlds, right? I started writing one today in study hall about rain... we'll see how that turns out. It would be weather-appropriate.

I'm getting really excited about prom, not gonna lie.


That's all.

Good morning, world

I'm thinking maybe I should start giving titles to my posts. We'll see how that works out.

I think I want to try to play PaRappa this morning before school. Don't really have enough time. Maybe one song.

Have a good day. Maybe I'll post more later.