Aug 24, 2009

I'm running on 45 minutes of sleep and 1 large (ish) cup of coffee from Dunkin' Donuts. Mmmmm, coffee.

What is there to say? I went to the campout with my friends. We set up tents among the other tents full of other seniors. We ate snacks and danced to loud music. We partied and drank lots of pop (soda, for all of you not from the midwest... does any other region call it "pop?"). We even played a HUGE game of Sardines, which my group actually "won" because we found the hiders first! Heehee. Anywho... Originally, we had set up two tents, one for boys and one for girls in our group. Well, our whole group wanted to hang out, and were tired of dancing, so we all piled into one tent at around 1am. Four people of our seven person group decided to go to steak&shake, so three of us were left to chill until around 3am, when I guess it closed and the rest of our crew returned to us.

We bonded a lot. Pretty much, we told stories and talked. At one point, we started singing "Lean On Me," which prompted another tent to join in the singing, and yet another tent to yell (halfheartedly) "shut up!" We sang a bit more, then saw some headlights. Minutes later, someone came around to the two loud tents (us and the other singers) that the cops had come to tell us to stop singing so loudly. We listened, however I don't believe that the cops actually came. I think it was just someone pulling up in the car and then them using that as an excuse to shut us up. It just wouldn't make sense for a police officer to be there at that moment, as we'd only been singing for like 5 minutes, and there aren't any stations near my school. They also would not have sat in the car, revving the engine at us... Plus, a smart officer would also most likely talk to more than 1 person, because honestly, how would they know the 1 person would talk to everyone else? Oh well, we still quieted down to be courteous to the quiet tents.

For a while, we all just snuggled in the tent, talking less and less as the minutes passed. By 4:30am, we decided to get a bit of sleep. At 5:15am, I rolled over and looked at my friend Kyle, who was as wide awake as I was. We went to go sit in my dad's truck and talk so that we didn't wake up the others. A little later, our friend Lauryn joined us. A little later than that, someone opened the doors to the school. We made a mad dash inside and picked our lockers (frantically, I might add, even though at that point there were only maybe 8 of us in there). Everyone sprinkled in eventually. We waited a couple hours inside the school, and finally it was time to officially write our names on papers that had our locker numbers on them for the office. We got our combinations, and that was that.

My friends and I cleaned up our area, made a run to Dunkin' Donuts, and then said our goodbyes (until Wednesday, which is day 1 of school!). I have to say, this night/morning really brought in the school year for me. I'm super excited to be a senior. I love the fact that I go to an amazing school where the administration actually trusts us enough to let us camp out there all night long with no supervision. They'd even called the cops ahead of time for us just so that they'd know we weren't trespassing on the campus. It was truly amazing. I'm blessed, to say the least.

I feel ready for just about anything at this point.

Did anyone else have any fun adventures this weekend?

p.s. I just did a word count of this and realized that this blog post is as long as my history summer reading paper needs to be. Wow. 600 words (minimum).