May 8, 2009

Woooo I'm going to a White Sox game tonight! :D With my daddy. Should be fun. I love baseball games.

In other news, Junior Senior banquet is tomorrow and as far as I know, it's nowhere near ready. Uh oh. I really hope they can pull it together. I'd be there helping now if I wasn't going to the game tonight. I think I'm going to help tomorrow if there is anything left to do in the morning. I feel really bad for the people there tonight, though, 'cause they're gonna be working hard until pretty late, I'll bet. Good luck, guys!

Speaking of which, we ALMOST had to deal with the drama of someone attempting to sign up for a seat at our table... which only has one person who is actually (or just pretending to be) friends with this person. I'm not trying to sound mean, but seriously... we have TWO of these events EVER, and then we're done... why would we want to screw it up by sitting uncomfortably with someone we don't like all night? Why would this person want to sit with a bunch of non-friends, anyway? So weird. Anyway, the deal ended up being that there was only enough room for a 9 person table, not 10 like we'd thought, so we had already filled the table. Problem solved. Hopefully this person will sit with actual friends, since that makes sense anyway...

Umm... so as to now sound like a total biznatch, I will say a little something nice.

I probably/definitely like you as a person if you are reading this! (On the off chance that I don't know who you are, introduce yourself! New friends are fun.)

Gotta go get ready. Buhbyeeee.