Jun 28, 2009

I am now 70% (ish) of the way through Rayman:Raving Rabbids. We figured out that in order to play 2-player, we need 2 nunchuks, not just 2 remotes, so my dad and I will head out to Target/GameStop/whatever sometime this week, I'm guessing.

My arms are tired because of that game. :P

My best friend and her boyfriend got back together. I'm hanging out with her on Tuesday or Wednesday. Woo!

Billy Mays died. You know, OxyClean dude? Apparently his wife just rolled over in bed and noticed that he wasn't breathing. Geez, how awful has that got to be? I feel bad for her. That really sucks.

I've determined that every guy on the Playstation Network falls into one of these categories:
1) My age and stupid
2) Younger than me and stupid
3) Slightly older than me and stupid
4) Enough older than me that it would be creepy if he hit on me, but not stupid.
5) Way older than me and stupid.

So far, I have not talked to any guy there that does not fall into one of those categories. And then the girls are all:
1) Skanks
2) Immature
3) Actually dudes

So of course, I get hit on a lot because I am an actual female who is neither skanky not an immature moron. I hate getting hit on. It sucks. I need a sign over my avvy's head that just says "I'm taken and not interested in anything but gamer friends." Ugh. By the way, if you're on the Playstation Network, friend me! :D I need some less stupid friends. haha.

What else?... meh, there really is nothing else...