Apr 29, 2009

I feel like my blog needs to be prettier. Originally, I picked the layout because it had a star on it that reminded me of Converse shoes. No joke.

But now, I see all these pretty blogs and I want mine to be pretty! I feel so selfish.

Someone want to help me figure out how to make my blog prettier? :3

I think I would like this picture up, nice and big, somewhere:

Doesn't it just make you smile and put little warm fuzzies in your heart?

I was having a bad day, maybe a year or two ago... and I talked to my friend about it. She told me I needed one of those things ^ and so I looked at the picture in the link and it cheered me up. I have no idea where she finds this stuff, but it's one of the reasons I love her so much.

So yeah. Someone help me? (Probably I'll not want to wait and just look on Google for how to do it, but we shall see...)
I have to do some English homework, but it can wait.

I think I want to take a nap? Maybe? Or watch a movie or two. Or maybe none of that. I think I'm hanging out with the boyfriend tonight, so that should be fun. :) I miss him. I haven't seen him since... Sunday. (I know it doesn't seem like that long, but I am spoiled and normally get to see him like every other day-ish, so yeah.)

I've got the worst case of the yawns today. Geesh. Perhaps it's because I'm starting to become exhausted again.

School+college planning+getting hour-long phonecalls at about 1 or 2am on a regular basis = Sleepy Norah.

Aaaaanyway...I should probably figure out how I'm doing to do my hair for prom, since it's in two days(!) and such. It's short, so I believe I will just do a poof with my bangs and then flip out the sides. (Boys, if you don't know what a poof/pouf is, Google has a great deal of images that could show you.) I have these bobby pins with black flowers on them and my mom tied pink ribbon on them (to match the pink sash in the middle of my dress), so I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I think I might only use one. Maybe I should go try that out like... now.

Hum. I guess that's all I've got to write for the moment.

Oh wait, one more thing.

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you're not really looking at anything? Like, you walk down a hallway and there are all these people and things around, and sometimes the people day hi, but you're just kind of walking along in your own head, not really paying attention but still managing not to run anyone over...? I had one of those days today.