Jun 5, 2009

I won't be able to post tonight, so I figured I'd post now.

I'm heading over to Maggie's pretty soon. We are going to party it up. (Ok, she and a few of our other friends are already partying. As usual, I am the latecomer, due to the fact that the boyfriend is coming but he couldn't leave his house 'til about 10 minutes ago.) I'm pretty stoked. I got all dressed up for summer! Yay!

I played Sims 3 a ton today. It is a fun fun fun game. I'll probably go through withdrawl tonight, as I will be spending the night at Maggie's. Oh well, I have a full day tomorrow...Sunday...Monday... the entire summer, even. But I will not spend my entire summer playing the Sims 3, don't worry. I will be going on college visits and to the fair and hopefully some shows and Six Flags and all sorts of fun places like that. Also doing lots of chores so as to earn money for my trip to France. Huzzah!

Today, I am wearing purple eyeliner. Just thought you should know.

My school just called... all I heard was my mom saying hello... I wonder what it is.

Guess that's all I've got for now. Peace.