Apr 2, 2009


I haven't posted much this week. Whoops. There are two very good reasons for it, though.

1) It's spring break, therefore nothing is happening. My life is teh lameness.
2) I just got 2 new expansions for Sims 2 so I've been playing obsessively.

I was just thinking about this: what if court cases were based on equality of crimes committed against one another? For example:

Person 1 steals person 2's cat.
Person 2 steals person 1's dog.

Dogs are a little bit bigger than cats, so person 2 owes person 1 a little extra something (i.e. money or community service or something), while person 1 owes nothing to person 2.


Person 1 kills the spouse of person 2.
Person 2 kills the spouse of person 1.

The crimes were equal, so they nullify each other and neither defendant has any charges placed on them.

I know, this seems really weird and it would never actually happen, but just think about if it did. How many more acts of vengeance would be committed?

In other news, I cut all my hair off. Well not ALL of it, but I cut it from shoulder length to... very much shorter. The back goes to the upper middle of my neck, the front I have normal bangs and they angle down to the back. I'm wondering if posting a picture would ruin this whole anonymity thing. Perhaps photoshopping could work its wonders...

What do you think? Do you honestly give a rat's rear what I've done with my hair?

Hum. I guess that's enough for now. Off to play Sims some more! Har har har.