May 19, 2009


I got 100% on my biology test! It's the first thing I've aced ALL FREAKING YEAR, haha. 33 out of 33 correct. Better yet, it was the test ON THE FROG DISSECTION! Haha. I don't mean to brag, and hopefully it doesn't sound like I am. I'm just HAPPY! :]

Today was overall an amazing day... as was yesterday! I'm hoping my week keeps up like this. Heehee!

It's getting warmer outside! I love love love love love it! Warm is my favorite.

I guess tomorrow or so I should get working on my persuasive speech for English (the outline/intro are due Friday).. hopefully it won't be too hard. I think I'll be fine. 60% of the grade is for the paper, the other 40 for actually giving the presentation, so I'm shooting for at least an 80-85%. (I set my standards low for things like this). CRAP! I also have to do my proposal for my history project. Guess I'll do that now. Shouldn't take too long.

Have a nice evening, kiddos.