Jul 13, 2009

Summer and I have a love/hate relationship...

I have my senior pictures today! It's so weird... I love and hate this feeling of growing up. I'm excited that I'm almost ready to go out on my own, get away from home and my parents... but at the same time, I have this extreme anxiety about not being ready. I'm only going to be 17 when I graduate! What if I really did need that one more year like everyone else? Plus, I have to get my license by August 1st, since I need to get a parking ticket for school. I also have to read my two books for summer reading (although I'm assuming that will be easy) and write the essay on the history book (not so sure about that one). On top of that, I have a college visit this Friday... which, I have to say, I'm pretty excited about, but still, there's that whole growing up thing again. I still need to set up my checking account and get th
e picture taken for my passport so that I can turn in my application, so that I'll be able to go on the France trip that I believe is already 1/2 paid for. Two weeks from now, I will be spending 4 days at school (8am-4pm, longer than school hours, even) with the boyfriend (was going to be my mom but she went and got a job... how lame) so that we can work our butts off in order that I may continue going to my school. It's a little thing called "work study" and I do it so that I can get financial aid, seeing as I go to a fairly expensive private school. That is not really something that I'm stressed about so much as not really looking forward to it. I am slightly worried that I will forget to pack my lunches. But... oh well, I can always make the boyfriend go get me a hot dog from the place down the street. Teehee, I'm spoiled.

That being said... I still love summer. It gives me time to relax (although I'm finding that rather hard to believe, looking at that list up there), time to myself, time to get tan (or just freckly), time to be with friends, family, and the boyfriend, time to swim, time to shop (or just wander aimlessly at the mall), time to make s'mores and camp out, and generally time to have a good amount of fun.

Time to talk about fun/happy things, eh?

I haven't seen the boyfriend in a whole WEEK! (I know, I'm spoiled... most people would not think that is a big deal, but for me, it is.) He's coming to pick me up for my senior pictures today, so I FINALLY get to see him! (He was at his cousin's house, which is like an hour away, for a few days and then at his dad's house for the weekend.) I am very excited, to say the least. There shall be many hugs. I have two very adorable outfits for senior pictures, one of which is brand new, fresh from the mall yesterday. Here are some peektures for you. :D

EDIT: SORRY ABOUT THE BAD LIGHTING AND FAIRLY BLURRY SHOTS AHEAD OF TIME. I WAS TOO LAZY TO MOVE ALL THIS CRAP OUT OF THIS ROOM WHERE IT ALREADY WAS. :D (Anyway, you get the general idea of what they are, so it shouldn't matter too much.)

Outfit #1: Green 1/2 length sleeved blouse from Charlotte Russe, most favorite pair of jeans (skinnies from... Zumiez?), black 20s/30s heels from... Sears? or Carson's.

Outfit #2: White cami (purely necessity, can't really see it), orange tee from Kohl's, White hoodie from Kohl's, golden necklace w/ beads & leaves on it from Kohl's, favorite jeans again, colorful Chuck Taylors (that I had to wash off so that they don't look so grungy).

Closer shot of the shoes

Closer shot of the necklace (which I will probably wrap around my neck twice - 1 long strand and 1 short)

Orson, my teddy bear that I've had since I was 2. My mommy wants me to at least take a couple shots with him as my prop, just because they would be cute. I agreed to do it because he has been with me through just about everything. He even went to the doctor with me once when I was little and I left him there over night on accident. I was so sad, but when went to pick him up, the lady that talked to us (I don't remember if she was a nurse/doctor/receptionist/whatever) said that he was very good but cried all night because he missed me so much. Sometimes, grownups are adorable.

So that is that. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to wear the heels with the first outfit. Might just stick with the Chucks for the whole shoot. Not even sure if my shoes will show up in any pictures.

What else? Well this has been a really long post so I will wrap it up by saying that my next post will be all about the rest of the fun things I'm going to do this summer.

For now, peace out, homies!