Apr 3, 2010

Feeling Inspired

(Sorry, this post is going to be a long, informative one... Get ready...)

I think I'm going to start re-working this blog. I've got some ideas and I think they're going to work out well. I mean, I write a LOT, especially for school, and yet I struggle to update this blog for whatever reason so I figure if I give myself "rules," so to speak, maybe it'll be easier.

On Mondays, I will post something funny because MONDAYS SUCK. Perhaps something like a "Joke of the Week?" Or a terrible website (i.e. ManBabies.com or TackyWeddings.com). Or a funny YouTube video or something else. Something to make you fine folks chuckle.

On Thursdays, I will post whatever it is that I've written this week for the indie study I'm in. If it's long, I might see if I can figure out how to hide the text behind a link that will take you to the post itself... I know that LiveJournal has a feature like that, but I'm not so sure about Blogger. We shall see. In addition, I will not be adding new things to my "art" blog anymore, since they'll probably be up here.

Since this is MY blog, I think I'll do whatever I feel like on Saturdays. It'll most likely be something about my life (which will hopefully get more interesting in the next few months as high school wraps up, I go to Anime Central, and my sister gets married).

I may/may not start video blogging every once in a while. Can't decide whether or not it seems worthless at this point.

Here's my first attempt at vlogging... It's nothing great, but it's a start... (Please go easy on me! Haha)

I think I might also look to get some more readership, since I don't want to be doing all this for no one or very few people (thank you if you do actually read this!).

I guess this concludes... Saturday post #1? Hmm... No, I think maybe I need like "names" or whatever so that I can tag the posts so that they'll all be together when they start to pile up.

FunDay Monday? Nah, that sounds lame... How about Mirthful Monday? That is a fun word.
Plaid Poetry Thursday (I'll explain later if I haven't already)
Self-Centered Saturday!

So this concludes Self-Centered Saturday #1.