Apr 10, 2009

Also I've updated my art blog a bit if you are interested in that sort of thing.

Well, actually...

I texted my sister to ask her if everything was ok with her. I told her that I didn't care if she didn't want to tell me what was going on, as long as I knew she was okay. It ended up being fine, well... she's okay, anyway. I won't go into detail 'cause she didn't want me to say anything to anyone and even though this is anonymous, I still would feel shitty for saying anything.

Weirdly enough, I just figured out that my boyfriend is the only person in the world that can make me feel stupid and inferior, and he doesn't even try to. I just don't feel good enough anymore, and I hate that about myself, because I never thought a guy would make me feel this way. It's not fair, he doesn't even try. He's just... smart. It's horrible, but sometimes I wish he was dumber... nah, not really, 'cause I'd hate him. But still...

Anyway, I'm in a better mood now. Just got home from watching the boyfriend and some of his friends play Axis&Allies (WWII game...) and... well that was interesting. I didn't even take out my book at all! Managing not to get bored was an impressive feat, if I do say so myself.

Hum. Goodnight.
Ok ok so I watched Monsters Inc. the other day and I noticed this: Sulley's apartment, when you look at the windowed side of that front room or whatever it is, looks a lot like Linguini's apartment (from the same view) in Ratatouille. I wonder if Pixar used the same set? Or parts of it, anyway. Maybe I'm just crazy. It's just a bunch of windows, afterall, right?

Happy Good Friday, folks.

Starting Monday, we're not allowed to have peanuts or tree-nuts at my school. We can only eat them in the front office, which is tiny. Therefore, my friends and I are going to gather a large group of people to eat in the office and make it annoyingly crowded on Monday. My mom says we should do it every Monday because doing it just once wouldn't work, but doing it over and over again would. It's because people have allergies. Specifically, it's because of ONE kid who's going to be a freshman next year who is apparently deathly allergic to peanuts and tree-nuts. His current school (a k-12 school where I went from grades 1-6) is already nut-free. Now, I understand doing that in an elementary school, where most of the kids don't know better than to avoid their allergies and be careful about what they share, but a high school? This is a place that's supposed to be preparing kids for the real world, right? No one's going to baby these kids in college or in their jobs, making their environments nut-free? Meh, I'm ranting and I've been doing it all week, so I'll maybe post more about it at a later date but for now, I am done.

My mom just got off the phone with one of my family members. She sounded distressed. I heard her say something about "not saying anything" so I guess I don't get to know what's wrong. I know it's got to either be my sister, my aunt, or my grandpa, none of whom I would want having any sort of issue. I'm upset that I don't get to know, though. What would they keep from me? It must not be my sister, 'cause she'd tell me... right? :/ God, please don't let it be something really serious.

Ugh, now I'm upset.