May 31, 2009

I just wrote a 5 page paper about 6 songs. Woot. I feel very accomplished. I was feelin' the project so much, in fact, that I made a COVER PAGE for the damn thing. AND printed out all the lyrics to the songs. AND made a pretty cover for the CD that goes with the paper (as per request of my teacher). Sometimes, I really think I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

If you were wondering, the project was basically to analyze 6 songs from 2 consecutive decades (so 3 songs each). They had to be decades we studied in history, and they had to be post WWII, so I picked the 70s and 80s. I know, there was a LOT of crappy music at that time, but there were also some gems. It was hard picking songs to write about, though, 'cause I had to weed out all the relationship songs and the songs about nothing and such... I came up with these 6. (Please note, I don't necessarily like all of these songs, but they were interesting to read/write about.)

1) War by Edwin Starr
2) American Pie by Don McLean
3) Let It Be by The Beatles

1) Ebony and Ivory by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (kind of an lol)
2) Dancing in the Street (covered) by David Bowie and Mick Jagger
3) 99 Luftballons by Nena (English version called 99 Red Balloons, even though that's not the right translation, as "Luftballoons" just means air balloons or simply balloons... not to nitpick)

So there are my songs. I analyzed them and wrote about them and blah blah blah. American Pie had to be the most interesting one. 99 Luftballons was probably the most confusing/difficult to explain in actual words, haha.

ANYWAY... well really, there is no anyway. I haven't done ANYTHING today. I started reading up on songs at about noon today and just finished printing and putting everything in a folder about 15 minutes ago. I think that my writing was crap, but I don't care because it was so interesting to read about all those songs (and lots of other ones... do YOU know what the song Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is about? I do! ;) I'll think twice about buying a "Frankie says Relax" shirt from now on and will laugh at those who wear them).

Not much else to say. LEAVE ME COMMENTS. Ok not really. Do what you want. :D

Peace. ♥

May 30, 2009

Unfortunately, I have nothing of interest to post today.

Here's what went down today...

1) Played a helluva lot of Little Big Planet (tried to figure out how to build cars and played lots of community levels)

2) Went on facebook for like a minute

3) Talked to the boyfriend on the phone for an hour and a half. We've finally established the fact that we are not *planning on* breaking up before we graduate and do intend on at least attempting to make the relationship work going into college. If that doesn't work out, then fine, but it's worth a shot. Needless to say, I'm pretty happy about that.

4) Was picked up from my house by the boyfriend. Went to his friend's house, hung out, the boys finally started their game of Axis&Allies about 30 minutes before I left.

5) Got home... which is where I am now.

Tomorrow, I will be doing the entirety of my history project, which should take me about an hour, haha. All I need to do is compile a mix of 6 songs (3 each from the 70s and 80s) and analyze them. Add an intro and conclusion and bam, I'm done. It's pretty much as simple as that. I may also end up seeing the boyfriend again, only this time in the context of just the two of us, which would be nice. Even when I get to see him often with other people, I still miss having alone time... I guess that sort of makes sense?

I guess having nothing to say really turned into having a few things to say. Hello, world!

May 29, 2009

Huzzah! Today was my last Friday for the school year!

I went to a party (not really a party party) today. Nothing major, just hangin out. The boyfriend and I went to get pizza for everyone with his other friend (who may have been smoking *something* in the back seat).

Weird music was heard.

I don't have much to say, now. Bye. :)

p.s. I really don't like all the break-ups that have been happening lately. :(

May 26, 2009

I don't know what to post!

A follow up to a list of 100 things that I like seems rather difficult.

I watched Apocalypse Now (the Redux version, I guess?) today with the boyfriend. That was one of the more disturbing/weird/icky movies I've seen in my lifetime. I mean... it was a good movie, compelling and all that, but... sad and gross. And I don't feel like it was very representative of the Vietnam war. I guess I can't really say, since I wasn't there, but... riding in a boat and then (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER)? Just doesn't seem quite right to me.

So that was that.

Today, I cried... for the first time in a long time. One of my best friends is leaving school. Today was her last day, even though the school year ends in a little under 2 weeks (including finals). She's just got some stuff going on (this is the one with the sick relative) and I think she just needs to be at home right now, and spending time with her family. She's gonna take a couple classes this summer and graduate early, so she won't be coming back next year, either. This is so weird... this person... I can't imagine spending a week, let alone another school year, without her. Sure, I'll see her often (as promised/demanded, heh), but... I dunno. It's just a strange thought that she won't be with me to make jokes during class and complain about projects and doodle on random things. And... to be honest, I'm kind of afraid. Yes, my 4 other close girlfriends at school are amazing, but it's weird to think that one of our six won't be with us as often... the one who I feel like I can most relate to, at times... I love all my girls, don't get me wrong. But she's the one I've been able to talk to about stuff all along... I dunno, I guess I'm just rambling here. My point is that my friends and I all sobbed together at the end of the school day... it sounds so dumb when put into words, but that's what happened. I'm probably going to go cry some more after I get done posting this. =/ Jay Bee... I love you so so so much. I hope you know that. You are an amazing girl and remember that I'm ALWAYS here for you, no matter what. Who else could be me and my 49 (or 196, or 7, or 1, or 4 or 2 or 8) selves? I know we'll stay close, but we've got to work hard, okay? Okay. Good. (Remember that? haha.)

I guess that's about everything I've got to say.

Hmm... oh, I finished writing my speech... I need to edit it a bit but whatever. I'm giving it on Thursday, which means lots of practicing tomorrow.

Not really anything left.

Peace out, kids.

p.s. If you know someone who means a lot to you, don't be afraid to tell them, kay? It was weird... for maybe the first time, I looked my friend in the eye today and just said "I love you," right before we all went home. Maybe you don't need to do exactly that, but don't hesitate to let people know that you care about them. It really is for the best.

May 24, 2009

100th post!

Hello there, anyone who is reading this! This is no ordinary entry in my blog... you see, this is my

100TH POST!!!

I'm pretty stoked about it, so I've decided to celebrate! First, a list of 100 things that I like! Heehee.

1. blogs
2. converse
3. cherry chapstick
4. music
5. the color orange
6. dresses
7. dancing
8. cooking
9. s'mores
10. pizza puffs
11. pugs
12. One Headlight by The Wallflowers
13. white cran-strawberry juice
14. good books
15. Good Eats (tv show)
16. The Princess Bride (movie&book)
17. star tripping
18. B.G. (my stuffed kitty from teh bf)
19. webcomics
20. The Sims (JUNE 2, BABY!)
21. cameras (of all shapes, sizes, and types)
22. PaRappa the Rapper (for Playstation original)
23. Macaroni Grill (or any restaurant that puts out paper tablecloths and crayons)
24. summer
25. rain
26. the words "enthused," "indeed," and "vernacular"
27. cute text messages
28. big headphones
29. arm/leg warmers
30. beanies
31. my Poang
32. Ikea
33. Cocoa Wheats
34. sales!
35. filling out forms
36. getting good grades
37. V8
38. thinking about being a grown-up
39. but still being a kid
40. lunchtime at school
41. making funny faces
42. Pandora
43. 10 Things I Hate About You
44. study halls spent outside
45. French
46. making fun of stupid things
47. the Magic Bullet infomercial
48. not having an iPod
49. my birthday
50. regular holidays
51. facebook
52. bands that change their names
53. cosplaying
54. college mail
55. making lists
56. talking to people on AIM
57. l337
58. being the youngest one in most situations
59. digital clocks
60. my comforter
61. Guitar Hero
62. karaoke
63. being home alone
64. attractive boys
65. Cosmo & wedding magazines
66. Filthy Gorgeous time.
67. good smelling shampoo
68. giving people presents
69. ...okay and getting presents, too
70. roller coasters
71. going to the arcade
72. pretending like I know how to scrapbook
73. having smoothly shaved legs
74. going to normal-ish places in a fancy dress (i.e. bowling or Steak & Shake)
75. having a TV in my room
76. The Regular Guy (only Chicago-area people will get this, unless they listen to his podcasts)
77. meeting people I admire
78. the smell of lilacs
79. carnations (favorite)
80. syncopation
81. MS Paint contests with friends
82. trying to do the Thriller dance
83. horribly awesome movies (Evil Dead!)
84. attempting to sew
85. backspace
86. funny faces
87. band shirts
88. lolcats & failblog
89. bobby pins
90. not being in the frosh-soph hallway anymore
91. Homecoming week
92. telling stories
93. poetry
94. fresh notebooks
95. hot cocoa
96. jumping in piles of leaves
97. painting random things that most people don't paint (like shelves and shoes)
98. hugs and kisses and snuggling
99. Scattergories
100. Wikipedia

There you have it, folks, 100 things that I like!

And now, a picture!!!

I took this from the car, while my mom and I were on our way to Tennessee to see/meet Alton Brown at Opryland! It was by far one of the most amazing experiences of my life! (Good Eats, his show, is on the above list.)

What else is there? I think nothing, so there you go. Happy 100th post to me! Heh. Hope you were not too annoyed by this post. ;)

Lots of love.

May 23, 2009

Star tripping is my new favorite thing to do at night. Hahahahaha.

So I had a bonfire at my house last night, and there were I think 10 people there, give or take. It was super fun. We had hot dogs and s'mores, listened to music (mini dance party... Maggie taught us how to Pop, Lock, and Drop), told stories, tried to play Red Rover (did not work well), had a piggy back race (technically Bryan and I won because we touched the fence first, even though Kyle and Lauryn were actually faster I think), sat around the bonfire, and of course went star tripping. Overall, I would call it a successful welcoming to summer vacation! (1 week of school and 4 days of finals left!)

Today is my best friend's graduation! I am so excited!!! Last weekend was her 18th birthday, and now it's her high school graduation! She's so grown up now, it's crazy. It's also crazy to think that a year from now, I'LL be the one graduating!

I thought maybe I would write my speech for English today, but I just don't want to, so I'll write it tomorrow, unless I get inspired today for some reason.

That's about all for now, kids.

EDIT: Graduation was good. I kept myself busy while they read off the 500+ names by reading them to see which people were skipped and imagining why they were gone (kicked out, didn't feel like it, forgot, didn't have enough credit, etc.). It was fairly short compared to the other graduations I've been too. So now, my best friend in the world is a high school graduate. That is somewhat crazy to think about.

The bigger reason for this edit ('cause the graduation stuff really could have waited) was to tell you that tomorrow, I will be celebrating my 100TH POST!!! Woooo. I'm thinking up some fun ideas about what to post, so be on the lookout! Can't believe I've made it to 100 this quickly. (What a nerdddd.)

May 21, 2009

Hello, yet another fantastic day. I'm really enjoying this! :]

Maybe it's not that my days have gotten better recently... maybe I've just begun to appreciate them more. Not sure about that one. I guess it would make sense, though. Either way, I like it.

School was pretty good. The end.

Tonight, I ate dessert first! It was excellent. The boyfriend and I both had root beer floats at the ice cream shop near his house, and then we went back to his back yard and played a board game. It was fun until the bugs starting eating me, so we went inside and played Uno with his mommy. I love her. She is one of the best people ever, no questions asked.

After the Uno, the boyfriend and I decided that we were hungry for reals, so we went and got Subway. I will tell you something here that you don't want to know: my favorite/only order from Subway.

6 inch Italian herbs and cheese bread, with ham, American cheese, pickles, and chipotle southwest sauce

EVERY time I order that, I get the same weird look from the people around. So what if I just like to combine a whole lot of good flavors? Make your own sandwich if you don't like how mine sounds! heehee.

Anyway, we went back to his house and I got very sleepy. We snuggled and watched some TV, and then it was time for me to go home, which is where I am now.

I have nothing else to add, at the moment! ta ta!

EDIT: I forgot to add this:
Guess who decided it was a good idea to just start drawing on me? I am now not only my own canvas, but also my boyfriend's. heh.

May 20, 2009

Not much to report, once again.

For the past three days, I have been, for the most part, happy. It's been incredible. The only thing today that made me sad was reading the blog about my friend's family member (the one who is essentially dying, I posted about it recently). The blog itself is very encouraging. It's all about him, and how even though this mystery disease is changing everything about him, mentally especially, some things still stay the same, like how he is very warm and welcoming to people. The thing that made me sad was how I realize I don't spend enough time making sure the people I care about know how much I love them. Sometimes I just take them for granted, which is stupid beyond belief. Sometimes, even though I can be perfectly nice, I act out for the smallest reasons (even yesterday, I was being a grouch to the boyfriend with absolutely no good reason). Sometimes, I just neglect to say what I feel. In any case, I'm realizing more with every passing day that I should be making the most of this life, and that includes making sure that people know I love and care about them.


In other news, I am absolutely DETERMINED to get working on the comic with the boyfriend soon. I want to at least get a basic plotline down so that I can start writing strips so that he can start drawing them, but we never can seem to plan very well. I know part of it is how busy we've both been with school, so hopefully the summer will be helpful in that sense. I really want this comic to work. I think it could be incredible.

I guess there's not much else to say for the time being.

OH WAIT. I thought my ps3 was broken today, because it just showed this wave that goes across the screen (it's the main background) but no menus or anything, so I was freaking out... I tried restarting it and unplugging/replugging it and nothing worked. Then, I decided that maybe Google had an answer for me, and you know what, it did! I guess I just had to restore the file system, but I didn't know how to do that before and now I do.

Anyway, I'm really really for reals done now.

Have a nice night/day/etc., peoples!

May 19, 2009


I got 100% on my biology test! It's the first thing I've aced ALL FREAKING YEAR, haha. 33 out of 33 correct. Better yet, it was the test ON THE FROG DISSECTION! Haha. I don't mean to brag, and hopefully it doesn't sound like I am. I'm just HAPPY! :]

Today was overall an amazing day... as was yesterday! I'm hoping my week keeps up like this. Heehee!

It's getting warmer outside! I love love love love love it! Warm is my favorite.

I guess tomorrow or so I should get working on my persuasive speech for English (the outline/intro are due Friday).. hopefully it won't be too hard. I think I'll be fine. 60% of the grade is for the paper, the other 40 for actually giving the presentation, so I'm shooting for at least an 80-85%. (I set my standards low for things like this). CRAP! I also have to do my proposal for my history project. Guess I'll do that now. Shouldn't take too long.

Have a nice evening, kiddos.

May 18, 2009


Geez, it took forevs, yo.

Oh and I got signed up for the Playstation Network so if you have an account on it, let me know and we can play ps3 games together maybe! Haha. :]

In other news... well, there is no other news

May 17, 2009

Also, I think I want to write for a living.
(I know, I've changed my mind about 45 times on this...)

Specifically, I'd like to write short books.
Children's books.
Teaching books.

And I would like them to be in English and French.

I think it's what I'm going to do. It's what I would be good at, anyway.
Some asshole is trying to start drama on facebook. xD

If you don't have the Honesty Box application, I'll explain it to you. Basically, you post a question like "What do you think of me?" or "Do you like my hair?" or whatever, anything you want people's honest opinions on it. I asked why people are facebook friends with me, since I didn't really know what else to ask. This was MONTHS ago, and I've since nearly forgotten about the application. Recently, someone posted that that was a dumb question. I responded in a slightly hostile manner, but only because 1) They should get their own if they want to make a better question and 2) That doesn't actually ANSWER what I asked, now does it?

So then they responded and I responded. I said nothing mean, although maybe a little harshly-toned, and they have since called me a douche AND said I "look like a dyke." I'm a little miffed now, since I don't really like people being assholes to me, but more because they're being anonymous about it. If people have issues with me, I'd like to know who they are and if it would be at all possible to resolve things. That's just how I am.

Also, I "look like a dyke?" Does that imply that this person doesn't actually KNOW me? -_- Also, way to use a derogatory term while stereotyping at the same time. Pretty cool, huh?

People are just so STUPID sometimes! Sheesh.

(Yeah, ok, that was a little mean but ... eh...)

In other news, I had a really good day today! The boyfriend and I went out to lunch and finished playing through Halo 3! We snuggled a little and then he drove me home, which is where I am now. I love days like this. They make me that much more excited for summer!!! Heehee. 3 weeks left of school, one of which is finals week! Yahoo!!!

Mucho love, friends and people I don't know.

May 16, 2009

Decent day. Not much to say about it except that I did not get a new bathing suit. The first one that I really liked was white, which seems like a bad concept (white+water=see through) and the second one that I really liked was $50... not worth buying, even adding in the reversible-ness factor.

Oh wells.

Today was just basically decent. The end.

May 15, 2009

Today is Friday! Huzzah!

Nothing happened at school today. Nothing ever happens at school. Sheesh.

Okay, I lied, there was a good chapel speaker today. I am not exaggerating when I say it was the FIRST good one of the year. *le sigh* Makes me kind of sad.

Also, my friend was upset today but she wouldn't tell anyone why. I'm worried about her. I love this girl so much... I just hope that everything is okay. I won't go into too much detail, but I will say a little bit. This girl has been going through this ongoing struggle since freshman year (we're juniors, nearly seniors). A member of her family is dying, and she's hurting. A lot. And today she said something about not being able to make plans this weekend even... up until now she'd been saying for this summer, but today she said this weekend, so I'm pretty sure that this family member is not doing too well. Even if she's been kind of waiting for something to happen, it's still gotta be tough and scary. I just hope that she'll be alright. She's strong, but this has still got to be hard. I just want to hug her.

*insert awkward transition to a lighter note here*

The boyfriend wants to hang out tomorrow. Upon asking me what I wanted to do, I told him to surprise me. I have a feeling he's not actually going to surprise me, and that I'll end up picking what we do (as usual), but it's a nice thought. This is just one of those days when I'm super super super excited to see him. Maybe it's because we analyzed "our" song in my history class today... which was actually kind of a downer, since it's such a happy sounding song with such a weird/bad/whatever background & meaning.

The song, if you wanted to know, is "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel. It's "our" song because it's the first song I ever heard him sing. We were on the way home from a bowling alley after meeting a few days earlier. We weren't even dating yet. His cousin was driving, and we were in the back seat. My head was resting on his shoulder, eyes closed, and this song came on and just sang it softly in my ear. I nearly fell asleep. It was the best feeling... I don't even know how to explain it. But yeah, every time I hear it, it reminds me of that moment, and how perfect it was.

I guess there's not a whole lot else to say. See you kids tomorrow, then!

p.s. If you're the praying type, could you perhaps please put in a prayer for my friend? Just for comfort and strength, I guess. Thanks. :)

May 14, 2009

Posted a couple of things on the Artsy Fartsy blog. :] You should go look. They are whimsical.
You have no idea how much I love you.

Happy birthday, bestfriend!


As it is my best friend's 18th birthday, my mom and I had to go crazy. Here is the ENORMOUS bag we found in which to put her 18 random items. :)

We also decorated her garage, but I don't have a picture of that except the one on my phone but that takes way too long to upload.

Just thought I'd share this with you all. Bet you wish you'd been living across the street from me for 14 years, eh? heehee.

May 13, 2009


So I went out shopping with my mommy and we found the best conglomeration of 18 presents EVER. I'll tell you about them sometime, once they are opened, because we wrapped them and now I can't remember all that they are. Teeheehee.

I am super excited to give her her stuff. Seriously. I find so much joy in giving my best friend weird presents. We are just strange people like that.

Last year, for my birthday, she gave me a sippy cup that resembled something that my last name sounds the same as. BUT I CAN'T TELL YOU WHAT THAT IS OR YOU MIGHT KNOW MY LAST NAME OH NOES.

I haven't eaten since lunch... I should probably do that. There's some pizza, I think. Maybe I'll warm up a slice or two. Yummy. :]

Not much to report. I've now seen the entire first season of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. (It's only 7 episodes long.) It's pretty dern sweet. YOU SHOULD GO WATCH IT. It's on OnDemand. :]

I guess I will write more tomorrow night. Byebye, kids.

May 12, 2009

I have Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" stuck in my head. It's been there ALL day. What the heck?

In other news, my best friend and her boyfriend (who I used to be good friends with) just broke up. And basically, he is going to feel the wrath if I'm anywhere near him from now until she feels 100% over it, since it is (pretty much) entirely his fault.

I don't care if you want to defend him. That's what you've got your own blogs for. I don't care if you think I'm only getting her side of things. It doesn't matter. It doesn't make him less of a poo.

Basically, you best be on the lookout for the Norahzilla!
Well hello there, bloggers.

I am home sick from school today. Hoorah! I just watched a couple episodes of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency with my mom and then attempted (and failed, yet again) to play through The Bunker level of Little Big Planet. I don't think I'll ever end up beating that game. :[

I have a headache, which is the worst part of this dumb cold. I hate having headaches. They nauseate me after a while, which is no fun. I don't like feeling as though I'm about to blow my chunks. Oh well, it will probably go away or I'll sleep it off.

What else? Oh right, nothing, since I'm boring when I stay home.

How are you all doing?

May 11, 2009

Good afternoon, folks.

I got home from school about an hour ago and I must say that, although I have one heck of a cold, my day has been going really well. I am fairly happy about life and suchly! :] Want some reasons? Here you go...

1) Summer is coming soon!
2) I have the best boyfriend EVERRRR.
3) My weekend was awesome and it made me realize how much I love and appreciate my friends.
4) Speaking of friends, I have a new one!
5) The sun is finally showing his lovely face, at least a little bit.
6) I get to stand up on the stage at school and get a French contest award on Monday... I know it seems dumb, but I'm actually kind of excited about it.
7) I'm already looking forward to the county fair, where I will get to see TWO awesome bands!
8) School is getting easier and more relaxed.

Now, these things are in addition to just the normal reasons I have to be happy, like the fact that I live in a nice house, my parents aren't terribly insane, and I go to a great school. So basically, life is good. I guess maybe here I should insert some encouragement to look around yourself and try to appreciate the little things that you have. I'm working on that, myself.

I'm off to hang with my mommy or something. :] Later, kiddos.

May 10, 2009

Ok ok ok... this weekend was really busy. I'll just give you little bits and you can ask for deets later if you want them.

Friday: Went to the White Sox game... they got creamed, unfortunately. It was still a fun time, though. There were these 3 boys sitting behind my dad and me... they were maybe 8 or so. Too cute! I found it funny when they kept calling each other "peanut head."

Saturday: Shopped with dad for stuff at Menard's (hardware store). Then, continued shopping for mom's Mothers' Day present at Borders. We got her the first 3 books of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. She loves the TV show. Then, grocery shopped for Mothers' Day breakfast (still with dad). Got home and started to get ready for the Junior/Senior banquet. Got all ready minus getting into my actual dress (same one as prom dress) and then left for my friend's house. We all finished getting ready together and took a million pictures (rather, our moms took a million pictures). Two of my friends and I shared one boy, while two other friends shared another boy, and then the one couple within our group at school went together, so we were a lovely, fun, awesome group of 9. :]

We left for Jr./Sr. and to make a long story short, it was a BLAST! Yay! After that, we all went to Steak 'n' Shake! Those of us dating different schoolers invited our boys and then we brought our two freshman boys, too. We all ate and partied. Then, we went back to my friend's house (the one where we got ready) and watched a movie and just hung out... 'til about 4am. Heehee. After the boys left, the girls went to sleep.

Sunday: Dad picked me up from my friend's house. I got home and my daddy and I made breakfast for my mommy (for Mothers' Day!), which was yummy. I made crepes all by myself! They were nummy. I gave my mom her presents, which she liked a lot. After the presents and the eating, I hung out with some of my family for a little while and then my dad took me over to the boyfriend's house. He and I hung out and played Halo 3 and took a nap. (This was all over the course of about 6 hours, haha.) We also got a good talk in about our future(s), so that was good. I think we established that we want to try and stay together as much as we possibly can... pretty basic, but yeah. I kid you not when I say I would be willing to marry this kid. :]

After the nap, I came home, which is where I am now. I just posted a ton of pictures on Facebook and now I am writing this blog. So that brings you up to date. Sorry if you were worried or wondering where I'd gone all weekend! Lots of love!

May 8, 2009

Woooo I'm going to a White Sox game tonight! :D With my daddy. Should be fun. I love baseball games.

In other news, Junior Senior banquet is tomorrow and as far as I know, it's nowhere near ready. Uh oh. I really hope they can pull it together. I'd be there helping now if I wasn't going to the game tonight. I think I'm going to help tomorrow if there is anything left to do in the morning. I feel really bad for the people there tonight, though, 'cause they're gonna be working hard until pretty late, I'll bet. Good luck, guys!

Speaking of which, we ALMOST had to deal with the drama of someone attempting to sign up for a seat at our table... which only has one person who is actually (or just pretending to be) friends with this person. I'm not trying to sound mean, but seriously... we have TWO of these events EVER, and then we're done... why would we want to screw it up by sitting uncomfortably with someone we don't like all night? Why would this person want to sit with a bunch of non-friends, anyway? So weird. Anyway, the deal ended up being that there was only enough room for a 9 person table, not 10 like we'd thought, so we had already filled the table. Problem solved. Hopefully this person will sit with actual friends, since that makes sense anyway...

Umm... so as to now sound like a total biznatch, I will say a little something nice.

I probably/definitely like you as a person if you are reading this! (On the off chance that I don't know who you are, introduce yourself! New friends are fun.)

Gotta go get ready. Buhbyeeee.

May 7, 2009


(If you don't know this already, Brunswick Zone is a bowling alley/arcade. We went to the arcade part.)

I don't feel like posting a lot tonight, only this...

My boyfriend got a call tonight from his friend basically just telling him that his (my boyfriend's) ex had her facebook status as simply his name. It's not like it's a big deal, it's just WEIRD. If your name is Tom Johnson, and you are dating Jenny and you used to be dating Jill, how weird would it be if Jill posted her facebook status as "Tom Johnson?" And if you are Jenny, how do you feel?

The boyfriend called a different friend to confirm, as the first friend could have been pranking/stoned, however it looks as though it actually was the way he said it.

I guess it's not a big deal, I'm just wondering wtf it's all about. The boyfriend said perhaps it was her little sister going on her account to mess with her. I don't know either the ex or the sister, so I can't say if that makes sense or not, but I'm just gonna go along with it as a plausible answer until I know what actually is the reason. :]

Basically, weird things happen sometimes.

May 6, 2009

Not a whole lot to write tonight. I'm tired. :P

Oh oh... I'm officially a member of the Société Honoraire de Français! I got a certificate and everything! Also, my friend Maggie is going to be president next year and I'm going to be an officer with a couple of our other friends. Madame really likes us a lot, I think. Apparently she talks about me in her other classes? Which is sort of freaky but in a cool way. I love her, though. She's super cool.

The boyfriend came over tonight (before the SHF induction, and then he came to it with me and then we went back to my house after), so that was fun. We played Halo 3 and watched tv mostly. Also spent some time trying to figure out what to do. We nearly went to the arcade but then realized he had not so much gas and we are both mostly low on money and also we only had like 2 hours and take off 30 minutes of that for a ride there and back and it really would not have been worth it. We are lame sometimes. :] I love him, though.

Tomorrow is Thursday! Which means I have four 90-minute classes. On Wednesdays, I have 3 of them, starting an hour later than usual and getting out 30 minutes earlier, so all 7 classes happen between Wednesdays and Thursdays. Anyway, I really love Thursdays, because my schedule goes like this:

8:00-9:30: Honors English
9:35-11:05: Computer Apps.
11:10-11:50: Lunch
11:55-1:25: Intermediate French
1:30-3:00: Study Hall

Block schedule is really a beautful thing, sometimes. :] The bad parts are that I really can't stand Wednesdays (sometimes), because they go like this:

9:00-10:30: Honors U.S. History
10:35-12:05: Honors Biology
12:05-12:55 : Lunch
1:00-2:30: Trigonometry

and also because they make for two additional schedules to my week, which makes a grand total of FOUR SCHEDULES. That's right, ladies and gentlmen, there's the Monday schedule, the Tuesday/Friday schedule, the Wednesday schedule, and the Thursday schedule. The nice thing is that we have these lovely contraptions called bells, so I don't really have to worry a whole lot.

What else? Not much, really. I'm pretty boring. :P

Have a nice night/day/etc.!

May 5, 2009

Postponing the t-shirt post until a day that is not today because I need to do my biology homework. (Insert a picture of me making a sad face here.)

I just got home from Junior/Senior banquet prep! It was really fun. I am very paint-y. My whole face looks ever so nice. ;] White paint all over. Good times.

I actually feel like we got a lot of work done! Hopefully that means we won't be scrambling to finish by the end of it. That's how it is every year, though, so I'm not banking on our year being any different.

What else, what else? I've decided that I am pro-choice. Firstly, I don't think it's my business to force my own beliefs and morals upon another person. (I would likely not have an abortion, however I would not want someone telling me I'm wrong/bad/etc. if I did decide to have one for some reason.) This is especially huge in my mind because basically the essential part of my faith is love, and if I'm forcing my beliefs down someone else's throat, I don't see how that could be "loving" them in any way. On top of that, I think it would be better for a woman to get an abortion in a hospital rather than try to do it on her own. It's much safer to get one in a hospital/clinic, obviously. I'd rather see one person (fetus/baby/"soul"/whatever you want to call it) die than two. I know that is definitely not a nice thing or really a "good" thing to think, but that's the way my mind works.

The above mentioned is open to discussion, however if someone starts sounding either like they are condemning my words or acting as though they are better somehow than I am, the discussion will be close or they will be cut out of it. This is my blog, I write about what I want, and I will not be criticized for it. I'm not saying that you can't dispute what I say, but be respectful and maybe even nice about it. Trust me, it works a LOT better than just being a jerk.

I dunno if I have much else to say right now. I'm tired and I need to get my bio homework done, so I guess I'll go do that.

Night night, friends.

May 4, 2009

I just went to get some laundry out of the basement (that's where the washer & dryer are!) and I thought of something.

I would like to have a post about my favorite t-shirts. Why? I think clothing, specifically t-shirts can say a lot about people. I already have a couple in my head. I think I will take pictures of them and then write about them.

This post is mostly a reminder to myself to do that at some point.

Hello there, people of Blogger.

I just tried dill pickle-flavored Pringles. DELICIOUS, I must say.

In other news... I'm getting inducted into the French National Honors Society on Wednesday evening. That should be cool.

I finished Death of a Salesman and wrote a review about it for my English class. It was really good. I recommend it if you are a mature reader who would like to read about an old salesman in the... 40s?... who is basically loosing his marbles. Super interesting.

The boyfriend just called me to tell me that he's heading over to my house now... and then he told me that he was DRIVING while on the phone with me. I told him to get off the phone, but he just kept talking so I hung up on him. I know it seems mean, but I will not have him on the phone while he is driving, if I can help it. It's way too dangerous/stupid.

Speaking of which, we are probably going to finish Halo 2 tonight! Hoorah!

Okay, I'm bored of blogging for the time being. Peace out, kids.

May 3, 2009

Hey there, Birthday Girl!

Hello there!

Just wanting to wish Maggie a happy birthday! Wow, 18!! That's so crazy! Here are some things you can now go out and do! (I know, we talked about this at school already, but I'm figuring it would be fun to have a list written out.)

-Buy cigarettes!
-Buy lottery tickets!
-Go to a strip club!
-Register to vote!
-Get a job somewhere that requires you to be 18! (I think the electronics part of Toys 'R Us is one.)
-Join the military!
-Get a credit card!
-Order something from a commercial! (I suggest BLOWPENS.)
-Get a tattoo!
-Buy pornography!
-Be good! (This is kind of a reverse thing to do, since now you can be TRIED AS AN ADULT!)
-Go to jury duty!
-Date old men!
-Get married!

Hopefully I haven't left any out. Anyway, Maggie dear, I love you tons! I hope your 18th birthday is as awesome as you are!

p.s. If you aren't Maggie and you are reading this, then... well... happy Sunday to you, since it's probably not also your birthday. :D

May 2, 2009


Hello! As you already know, prom was last night. Ohmygoodness... so so so so so much fun!

I'm going to be crazy and put pictures up here! (Face included!)

Gotta rock the Converse, baby.

The boyfriend and me. This is my favorite picture from the ones my mom took. (Can't wait to see the ones his family took!)

I did not take any pictures AT prom. I think that was the only bad decision I made last night. Still, it's not like we were with my friends anyway, so I guess I don't mind it much. Next week, at the junior/senior banquet at my school, I'll be sure to take millions of pictures (especially of my "date" and his 4 other "dates!" What a pimpdaddy.)

So... What is there to really tell about prom? We got in, sat around for a while. They brought us dinner, which was pretty good. There was a LOT of food, actually. Too much, I think, but still. The boyfriend and I sat with the usual crowd, who I am getting to know a bit better each time we hang out. Then we opened up the favors on the table (no one believed me when I said that they weren't just decoration!! I kept telling them the bubble wrap underneath the tissue paper meant there was something in the packages!) and they turned out to be these cute photo cubes. I think I left mine in the boyfriend's car. Oh well, I'll get it back at some point.

After the dinner, there was much dancing. For some strange reason, I love to dance, even though I'm terrible at it. (Admittedly, so is the boyfriend, so it's all good. At least we look like idiots together.) Surprisingly, no one else there had my dress! I was so happy! And I got to spend like $100 less on it than most girls, so that was nice, too. Teeheehee. Anyway, I ended up getting a side cramp in the middle of Shout (you know... throw your hands up and shout! that song) but it calmed down during the YMCA, which was immediately after. I dunno why they decided to pair together the two old-school dance songs instead of splitting them up. Basically everything else was hip hop or pop. Just the usual dance mix. No Daft Punk. :'[ But still good.

Time passed by really fast, and all of a sudden it was 11pm, time to go. The DJ played two or three more songs and then everyone had to leave. Sad. But wow, it was so awesome! The boyfriend and I drove back to his house, where we changed into some of his clothes (I borrowed a t-shirt and some shorts) and then his mom drove us to his friend's house. There were maybe 15 people there, some who left early, some who arrived later, but it was about that many overall. The friend's dad was so nice! And wow, he kept bringing us platter after platter after platter of food. It was good. We all just sat around, listened to music, laughed, snuggled. At one point, the boyfriend was analyzing the "snuggle factor" in the room, talking about which couches were well-balanced and which ones needed a little extra snuggle to happen. It made me laugh. At that point, it was about 1:30am and I was getting really sleepy. My mom was coming to get me at 2:30, so I just stayed and snuggled.

2:30 came and I was nearly asleep. I waited for 5 minutes, then texted my mom. Waited another 5 and then called her cell, only to realize that it was not on. I waited 5 more minutes and finally decided to call the house phone and risk waking up my father. My mom answered and then left to pick me up. I was secretly happy she fell asleep because it meant an extra half-hour of snuggle time with my baby! At that point, we had managed to take over the loveseat and I was just curled up in a ball under his arm. It was nice. My mom arrived at about 3am and then I went home, texted the boyfriend goodnight, and promptly fell asleep.

A good night overall, I'd say.

Next weekend is my school's version of prom, the junior/senior banquet, which I am really excited for. I get to wear the same dress and I'm gonna be with most of my best friends. I'm so lucky that I get to go to not one but TWO proms! :) Except there won't be dancing at the one at my school, but still. Super fun.

Sorry for the long post. I just had so so much fun! Hope you are all doing well!