Aug 30, 2009

My mom and I are making school-colored (maroon & white) Snuggies for me and all of my friends for homecoming week. Needless to say, I am freaking excited. After assembling, we're going to have a Snuggie decorating party, so everyone can personalize their own with ribbons, letters, beads, or whatever else they want. I don't know if I've ever been so excited for fleece in my entire life. :)

On another note, I spent hours (what a loser, oh well) today reading My Life Is Average. I highly recommend reading it. It made me smile. I also recommend My Life Is Great (or good... the website says "MyLifeIsG" so I can't be too sure), if you really want to read some sweet, heartwarming stories. MLIA is more funny, but fairly everyday stories, whereas MLIG is uplifting. I think they're both from the makers of FMyLife (FML), since the formatting and everything is the same... So yeah, there you go, three fun websites to check out.

I need to do some English homework at some point tonight. Not much, just a bit of reading. Wheeeee.

I guess I'm done blogging for now.