Mar 28, 2009

Anniversary: part two!

At 1pm today, I went to teh boyfriend's house and brought with "comfy stuff" per his instructions. (Comfy stuff I took to mean pajamas, a pillow, a blanket, and the stuffed kitty he gave me for our six months.) When I got there, he had set up a table with candles on it, his iPod playing Frank Sinatra music, and a couple plates of salad. There were also two wine glasses and some sparkling grape juice (yummy!) for us. There was also a vase with four carnations in it. They were three orange and one white. (Orange is my favorite color!) He is a sweetheart, I tell ya.

So we ate salad (with Italian dressing) and then he brought us some ravioli and stuffed shells and we each had one giant meatball (lol, they were hugenormous) and that was yummy even though I could only eat like half of my plate. I have a small stomach, evidently.

And then after that, he made me close my eyes, only to open them in order to see...


You see, we'd been planning on having a Godfather marathon for some time now, but never got around to it. Now the Italian food makes sense, eh? Haha. Anywho, we made it through the first one and I decided that one was enough for a day. Not that I didn't like it... the Godfather is a sweetaction movie, but it's so long and the plot and characters are so intense that my brain couldn't handle another one in a day. Let alone two more. So we're postponing watching the other ones until another time. After that, we had desert- French silk pie! (Apparently, teh boyfriend had accidentally taken the gun and left the canoli... whoops.) It was om nommy.

After that yummyness, we decided that no anniversary of ours would be complete without VIDEO GAMES! We played a good chunk through Halo (the first one!) on Co-Op until it was almost time for him to take me home. We snuggled a little (shutup, haha) and then he took me home. Overall, it was a perfect day.

I guess tomorrow I might post about The Godfather or something along those lines. Have I mentioned that this week is my spring break? Hoorah!

And I know you've been looking forward to this:
Today's word: eugis

John: How do I get to the gas station?
Billy Bob: Eugis take a left at the big tire and you're there.

Wishes for your own happy anniversaries,

p.s. One time, I was at a McDonalds in southern Illinois and I overheard that same conversation that I gave you in the word verification word of the day thing. Hello, rednecks. (Yep, I'm allowed to make redneck jokes. My dad's whole family is made up of them.) Ever been in a funny situation like that?