Mar 16, 2009

I like this site so far. I've figured out how to find people with interests in the same things as me, so that has been pretty fun to explore. That sentence doesn't read well but I'm too sleepy to try and fix it.

I watched the movie Pretty in Pink on Friday night. It was an ok movie but the ending... well I don't want to give anything away, but John Hughes, WTF? That was just lame. I do like some of his other movies, but Pretty in Pink made me make a frownie face. I don't like doing that.

On the upside, today was magnificent beyond belief. I don't think I stopped smiling for more than 45 minutes (a very exact amount of time due to the fact that all of my classes are 45 minutes long, and one of those classes includes trig). It was (I think) 65 degrees outside! Which is amazing for me. This time last year, there was snow all over the place. I'm hoping it's gone for this winter. I love snow... just not in any month but December. So the weather was great, which put me in the best mood ever, and I had TWO classes with substitutes, one of whom is my FAVORITE substitute teachers ever, so that was fun. I wore my awesome new socks from the boyfriend's aunt (yes, she makes me socks and I like them a lot!) which was also lovely.

Of course, no perfect day is complete without a visit to the boyfriend's house. I visited with him and his mom. He kicked my hiney at checkers but I owned him at Candy Land! Booyah. His mommy made pasta that was yummy. I love her. She's awesome. Ok ok I love him too... but his mom just makes my day sometimes. Is that weird?

I feel like I'm writing too much. I think I'm getting overexcited about having a blog again... and... readers? :O whoas.

I shall leave you with this!
(I promise this isn't becoming a photo blog but today I just feel like leaving a picture.)

Love always,

Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois

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