Mar 30, 2009

I think I'm going to cry.

I just found a show in Chicago that I would love to go to. The Academy Is... is playing with Empires, two bands that I really like. (Tomrad who is in Empires used to be in TAI, so I'm kind of confused as to what is going on there. Apparently he got kicked out and it was bad.)

On the same tour, This Providence will be playing some shows with them. Not the Chicago show. That was what initially made me sad. Still, TAI and Empires together in one show would be da bomb. I looked it up and even though it's at a bar, it's an all ages show. How much better can it get, right?

Well I attempted to find tickets, but it kept giving me an error message. I didn't understand what it was, so I looked up the show on google. It took me to Empires's myspace page, which said this:
All Illinois and Ohio shows are sold out.



Guess I need to find another show to go to. (My mom promised me tickets to a show of my choice for my birthday, which was in January. I couldn't find any scheduled back then, so I'm looking now.)

Perhaps Hot Hot Heat's got something.

EDIT: No luck on the Hot Hot Heat shows, and here's another bit of sad news.
I found a show that is comprised of Taking Back Sunday (meh, they're okay), Anberlin (who I love) and Envy on the Coast (who I also love). Sounds perfect, right? Too bad it's in VIRGINIA! :[ dammit.

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  1. Try looking on craigslist? Maybe someone wants to sell their tickets...

    Or get a party mule and have that haul you to Virginia because Taking Back Sunday is AMAZING live.