Apr 16, 2009


Basically my entire weekend has gone from one plan to another plan to an entirely different plan.

Originally, I was gonna go to the lock-in at my school on Friday night (9pm to 6am). Then, I would be sleeping for most of Saturday and homework/etc. on Sunday.

Yesterday, when the whole prom confusion happened, I decided not to go to the lock-in so that I wouldn't be exhausted at prom from staying up literally all night just before it. I was just going to go sleep over and watch movies at my friend Maggie's house.

I just got a call from my boyfriend telling me that the prom isn't until May 1. WTF? Evidently, his school does not know how to update their website. So now I could go to the lock-in, but it's an extra $5 to get a ticket tomorrow on top of the extra $5 from paying after Tuesday which was originally $15 (what I'm trying to say is that it would cost me $25...). I'm not willing to pay that much for a lock-in, so I guess I'm not going to that. =/

Sometimes, I just wish boys understood that they need to ask people straight-forward about what they think about something (in my case, going to prom... evidently the boyfriend thought I "didn't want to go") and then PLAN AHEAD. I don't like having my schedule rearranged like this, especially since all the stuff is time-sensitive.

Anyway, I should stop complaining. I'm still going to prom. I still have an absolutely AWESOME dress.

[just imagine there's a picture here of a pretty dress... this site is being stupid and not letting me upload one right now... I'll try to get one up later.]

Battle of the Bands for the boyfriend's school is tonight, so I must be off.



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