Apr 5, 2009

Because I can

I'm going to post 3 times in a day. Shoot... I should have been in bed an hour ago. What on earth am I still doing up?

Well here's the deal. I happened upon a certain blog, which had posted a meme in which a person was to tag 6 people and then post 6 things about his/herself that those 6 people don't already know. And this person who had posted this only had 5 people tagged and a request that if a random person (here's where I come in) happened upon her blog, that they make themself the unofficial 6th... tag-ee. So here we go. (I can't skip out on an internet meme when one catches my attention, no matter how hard I try.)

Here are my tags.


Well, looks like I only have 3 people to tag. I need to start following more blogs. (Give me a break, I've had this for like a month.) I guess I will use the rule that the girl before me used: if you randomly happen upon my blog, feel free to take this little game and make yourself the 4th, 5th, or 6th person to be "tagged." Just leave me a comment or a link and we will be pals. :)

Aaaand my 6 things...

1) I used to cut. Bleh, I bet that's really typical for people to write in something like this, but there you have it.
2) My family is absolutely insane. Each of my parents were previously married to other spouses. My mom had a daughter with her ex husband, and my dad had two daughters with his ex wife. I was an accident and the reason for my parents' marriage. I blame myself every day for the fact that my parents are so unhappy a lot of the time. I've been dealing with it for the last year and a half.
3) I'm about a degree and a half colder than the average person (literally).
4) I shoved a kid who was on crutches, once. He deserved it. (You would have too, if you knew him.)
5) I was once sexually harassed on xanga by some guy in his 30s. I blocked him, reported him, and never told my parents. I've been a lot more careful since about who I talk to online.
6) When I don't know what to get someone as a gift for a holiday, I cook. I actually prefer to do that a lot of the time. It's fun (and I get to benefit from it, too). I really love to cook, actually, and I enjoy finding new and exciting ingredients. Once, I found this really great chili paste for something I made for my mom. I only use about a pinky-tip sized amount in anything I cook, it's so spicy, and I have a jar that probably holds 1 cup of it. I don't think it's ever going to run out.

There you go, 6 things you (probably) didn't know about me already.



    But holy hell these were depressing. I mean that in the best way possible?

  2. Meh, people generally know the happy things about me, but the sad ones not as much.

  3. i think you deserve a hug, and a prize of some sort,just for being number six. we're blog buddies now =] [mostly because i said so]

  4. You tagged me? I feel special. :O
    Thanks. Though I hate to say it...I'd rather not participate. I don't want to share 6 things about myself. Admittedly, partly because I'm lazy, and partly because theres things that I just don't want others knowing. Lol, don't get me wrong, I'm a normal person. Or atleast I think that I am. Depending on your definition of "normal". But yeah.

    Man, I feel like a killjoy...sorry. D;

  5. That is totally fine. :) Mostly I just didn't want to do it without tagging people, so I tagged the only people on blogger that I follow.