Apr 19, 2009

:) The boyfriend's shift on prom night is covered, so I am officially for really reals going to prom this year. Pretty dern excited.

I should probably write a poem for English, since that's my assignment for tomorrow. I always put off this stuff until the last minute.

I'm thinking maybe this weird spurt of depression is over for now. Hopefully. Today was really really really good. I went to a record store with my daddy and boyfriend, and then to a sporting good store, and then came back to my house to play Halo (the first one! we're trying to beat it, since I've never done so because I've never had an xbox/xbox 360). Then, we got some dinner, and then after eating we went back to Halo. What nerds, right? Haha. I guess it's nice that I've manged to find someone as nerdy as I am without being socially screwed over or hard to look at. (Yeah, ok, so I can be shallow sometimes.)

He just left, after we had a nice snuggle in the rain. I remembered how much I love rain. Summer is that much better due to the fact that there is so much rain. I like to leave my window open every night possible during the summer, and the best nights are when it's warm and rainy, so it feels good and smells good. (Evidently, the smell of "rain" is actually the smell of worms, so I guess I love the way worms smell.) Summer is a time when every time problem in the world melts away in the hot sun or is washed away by the pouring rain. It's perfect. I couldn't be more excited.

By the way, I have to add that (aside from live recordings and acoustic re-recordings) I now have every John Mayer album! Granted, there are less than five of them, but still. I feel pretty accomplished, since I LOVE John Mayer and all. (Shutup.) I'm currently listening to my newly bought copy of "Room for Squares." My second choice in the male population to my own boyfriend would be John Mayer (oh yeah, I could TOTALLY be with him, aside from the whole him-being-twice-my-age thing, and that whole I-have-not-met-him thing and such).

I think that's enough for today. I love you!


  1. I'm glad to hear everything worked out. :D

    I loved "Room for Squares"! Well, I still kinda do, but I've stopped listening to John Mayer for some time now. Haha.

  2. Haha, I'll never stop listening to him. He makes my heart smile when I hear him sing.