Apr 8, 2009


I scored 8th place in the National French Contest for year 2! (Everyone who took it and got 61 out of 70 correct scored 8th place). I am seriously flipping out. Last year I think I placed in the chapter, but this year I placed nationally! :D

I don't mean to brag... I'm just really excited. (This is going to look nice on college applications. Haha.) Mostly I just want another pin to attach to my purse next to the one from last year. I like pins. lol.

Also I got a giant photo of myself today. It was from the teacher that was taking pictures of my eye color. He had prints of a few other students. He's continuing the project by shooting MY BIOLOGY TEACHER! (Tomorrow, I think.) My bio teacher recently shaved his head bald for a school fund-raising thing, so I think that made his eyes stand out more (they're blue, like mine) so I think that's why my photo teacher is shooting him.

Semi-related: My bio teacher is the same age as my father. He's been teaching at my school for 28 years. My dad's been working at the place he works for like 29 or 30 years. Randommmm.

Okay I am done blogging for today. My best friend and I are hanging out tonight so yeah. Peace out, kiddos.

<3 me

by the way, what the hell do you DO with a giant picture of yourself?


  1. DOOD! I took that contest too! Except I don't know how I did. I never take it seriously so I don't expect to have done well at all.

  2. Well we took it a little over a month ago, so if that helps you to know when you'll get your results back... if you want them, anyway. lol. What year French are you in?