Apr 24, 2009

My school is having a coffee house tonight and I'm reading poems at the 9pm slot. I have one in English and 2 French haikus (which... omg, DIFFICULT!). The French ones go like this.

Les crêpes, les gaufres.
Je les aime beaucoup, vraiment!
Ils sont très très bon!

I wrote this haiku too, but I don't like it quite as much. It makes less sense... but still, here it is.

Les nuages crient,
"Vous regardez, tout le monde!"
Maintenant, il pleut.

I'm not gonna translate them. Look them up if you want. This is a great resource for translations. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but you can get the general idea of stuff.

So yeah. That is my life as of now. Poems and coffee and the French language. I have to say, it's a lovely combination. I think I might start a blog to be written only in French, just for practice. I'm a dork, but it's a wonderful language AND linguistics is what I want to go into in college, so it's not that weird for me.

How are you all doing? I feel like I'm doing all this talking and not a lot of listening.
(Ok ok by that I mean a lot of writing and not a lot of reading, but same diff.)


  1. I'm so down with a blog completely in French. That would help me too. Haha.